vrijdag 30 mei 2014

UPDATED:Agemo Produced Brands: Rady, Michell Macaron and Emiria Wiz, a lot of the same?

***EDIT**** I was a little slow, but I just found out Michell Macaron is actually Rady's sister brand ^^;; They collaborate on coordinaties too, even though I couldn't find that page on their website~ Anyway~

Just thought I'd let you know, below is the original post :)

Even though I planned an outfit post for this week, I have changed my plans and I'm making more like an inspiration/information post here now. I'm in the finalizing stage of my thesis and I don't have have any time to get dressed up until I submit the last draft (last one before the final version), so I hope the outfit I planned can go in next week's schedule and for now I'm writing a less time-consuming post :)

I've noticed this season is a good season for Rady. For one, I'm more in love with Rady style than ever, Mitsu on Universal-doll dedicated a cute shopstaff post to it, and I've noticed more gals outside Japan seem to have grown fond of the brand, or maybe you're all just more vocal about it now~ ;)

But did you know other popular Ageha models also produced cute brands of similar cute and classy looking apparel? Like Mitsu introduced on her blog, Satomin has an adorable brand of classy dolly clothing for petite girls, Michell Macaron. And Emiri Aizawa had a spread in Ageha last year for cute tweed suits and bags she was producing for her brand Emiria Wiz.

Shizuka's Rady really rocks jeans and white pants. The millefeuille print and floral prints too. And Rady is super broad with swimwear, roomwear, and interior goods! This is the only one of the three with actual stores, in Tokyo and Osaka.

Shizuka and Satomin wearing Rady roomwear on the left.

Michell Macaron comes in small sizes, and I think they have adorable bell-skirts, like the mouth-watering pink-tones-and-white one :D and they do peplums well too I think :) They had a pop-up store in Tokyo last fall, but they are mostly an online store.

Shizuka wearing Michell Macaron on the left

Emiria Wiz is just a small brand, and it really reminds me of like pre-2010 Ageha when there was more attention the hostess side of the readers, rather than..I don't know, a particular sense of style. Emiri really represented that hostess side the last two years. Emiria Wiz has these gorgeous esHOLIC collab bags, they're pricey but very attractive, and with the suits they're giving me mature-wealthy-hostess feels.

Check out their websites, they are brands with their own concept but they clearly cater the same market...

The brands all find themselves in the same niche, actually so much in the same niche that a lot of their items are extremely similar, this pink trenchcoat is just the tip of the iceberg~

Tweed sets seem to be a must for these brands. I always considered Shizuka the queen of tweed sets (for me she is the queen of everything though *_* she's really a great inspiration to me) even though she does comparatively little tweed this season, but Emiria Wiz is really pushing their tweed sets, there are a lot of them on their page! Satomin's brand has a tweed set, and those Chanel-inspired sets a lot, but they're not as central there as they are in Emiri's brand.

 Those are the non-tweed Chanel inspired jackets and sets. You can see they are the same kind of item, but the styles are quite different still. Rady shopstaff was doing a lot of these jackets in early spring and I loved it so I was planning a similar look for such a long time! When I finally wore it I kind of wasn't pleased with my look though :( I have pictures but those aren't great either, I'll show you next week, but I might try that look again later~

Less typical designs are also rather similar among these brands.

Neck detail+tweed skirt onepiece~ Very cute, but Shizuka looks a little sad in this one... The other brands have a little more retro, and in the case of Emiria Wiz a more mature, feel to it, I think in the context of Rady this dress is a little...old-looking...

I love this one, the tweed kind of check/gingham check onepiece :D We see gingham everywhere this season, but it's nice to see it combined in a more mature and lady-like style.

Top left is Rady

These dresses are not only similar to eachother, but also to both of the dresses above, I don't think it's a bad thing to have a clear brand concept (like we want to make this-and-this type dresses), it's just so similar across these brands that it looks like they're produced by a lot of the same people~

Antique pink+embelished neck sexy dress~ I have to say I really like these dresses~ I think Rady shines in the more casual range compared to the other brands, the brand is a little more fresh-looking to me, but that's also just photography and stuff.

Three-tone dress... I like Satomin's dress more, I've really fallen for the colors of her brand~ 

Emiria Wiz has less items so it's not as easy to find comparable stuff, Rady has the most items by far but it's also been going the longest~  There are far more similar items between Rady and Michell Macaron than I've shown here, from gradient dresses to yellow and mint onepieces etc~

I first wrote this post the other way around with the comparisson first, but it became kind of sarcastic and that's not fun for everyone.
In their defense, trends are trends, I've seen so many similar items across different brands, so many of the same cardigans and sweaters, super similar onepieces and whatnot, how many blue sweaters I tried last winter to find the right one, how many white jeans...

Which of these three do you think looks the cutest? Or is it all not really for you and you prefer other brands, maybe other models' produced brands?

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

Cosmetic Review: Etude House, Dear My Blooming Lipstalk and Blooming eyes.

So it's been a while, but remember I went cosmetics shopping in Korea? I have another review today :) This is the one I was the most excited about!! Because my new favourite lipstick is in it ;)
This review is for the stuff I bought at Etude House from the Dear My line, two lipsticks and an eye palette!

and I have a cute blush brush but I have no occasion to use it...

Let me start off with the lipsticks!
Of course when I went to Etude House, I was really excited about the cute Princess Etoinette line, but when I used the testers, sadly, the lipsticks from that line weren't what I was looking for, they were glossy and stuff. These Dear My Blooming Lipstalk lipsticks are really...lipstick like, I bought them because I was looking for exactly something like this, covering, lasting, obviously I'm quite excited about them~

I think the packages look very cute, and I love the elegant logo on the actual lipstick!

Let's look at the colors, I bought an orange (OR206) and pink one (PK004), the pink is very very pink but it doesn't show that pink on some pictures, I don't know how to fix it :(

The colors show up so-so on my hand, but on my lips they are extremely covering!!!!
They are exactly what I was looking for, one thing you have to give Etude House is that you can use thick and bright lipsticks but still look young and fresh..

Let me start with the pink, in my opinion the picture washed out the color a little, but the point is, it's so covering...it doesn't look like there's lipstick on my lip, it really just looks like this is my lip color...I love it so much! I have a lot of Rady inspired looks in mind and I already wore one you will see it soon and you'll see how bright this pink really is ;)

The orange is so heavy, in the picture I look like a little duck with an orange beak~ but again...it's so...blendy it doesn't look like lipstick! Looks more like photoshop~ Real life photoshop~

The lipstick lasts long, I put it on in the early afternoon, and even after dinner it was still on~ I'm not usually a big lipstick or lip-color fan but if it's these, I'm totally into it, the colors are young and it's comfortable and lasting~

Lasting effect:★★★★★


The eye palette is a different story.. some of my friends have heard me complain about it..
The box is so cute and there are different palettes but I thought these colors (PP501 Swaying Heart Purple) would be cute for me.. Though to be honest not all the colors I saw online were in store, so maybe if they all were, I would have gone for another color... The biggest problem I have with these is the color..

These are the colors on my hand, the light pink and aubergine on the top, dark and light brown below that.

As you can see, the pink is shimmery and much lighter than it looks on the palette, the aubergine color is very dark, the color is thick and shows up far darker than I thought.. I put it on a few times, I keep trying, but no matter how much I try, the stuff is all over the place, it applies a little messy... the colors are strange on my face too, I feel very Galliano 2007-8 :/ but not in a good way... 
The colors show up very harsh in the dark, but they are almost invisible in the light, so on the pictures it's hard to see the layering of the colors..

Hardly visible! But in the night I look like I've been rubbing a liquid eggplant on my eyes...the picture at the bottom of the post shows the issue a little more~
I'm still trying and I'm not giving up on this eyeshadow, I paid for it so I want it to work~ It lasts long, the box is cute, the colors look cute in the box too! But right now, I'm really just disappointed. The colors might still be cute on someone with a different skintone or haircolor, but even then, the colors show up very differently according to the light you're in, and it looks smudgy and messy..

Lasting effect:★★★★☆