zaterdag 5 april 2014

Two last winter looks to officially start Lady Mori spring!

Before I can move on into spring blogging, I really want to get these last 2 looks from winter out! I've noticed my outfit tag is nearing the 100 posts, so I'm looking forward to it a little and might not wait to have 4 looks or a really super effort-full one before I make an outfit post xD And I might be getting too serious about blogging! This started as a personal blog with some useful's based on personal development so I shouldn't be so scared of posting my pictures I guess..just trying to loosen up a little :) Not just the "useful stuff".. 

This is the first wintery's actually quite spring-like's transitional! And it's what I wore to the little HYPER meetup we did after I came back :)

It doesn't really show but I was a little chubbier then!  But the look is something I was looking forward to wearing for a long time! All the blue, black and white...seems to be my new favourite combination...Though I have some more pink and mint planned for spring too~ 

Jacket: Mixxo
Top: Lilidia
Pants: Shoolarue
Shoes: Van Haren
Neclace F21

This wasn't even that was more a dark look for casual dinner with a friend...But I like it a lot somehow...and it shows the length of my hair and the last picture I have of it being blonde ;D As it's darker now..but for how longgg hmmm, if it washes out before summer I might go for a dark ash next!!

Jacket: Gift from Suuz
Pants: GU
Shoes: Zara, gift from my mom
Bag: 3.3 Field Trip
Scarf: Spinns

That day my friend have me this belated birthday gift!! Slippers from Ted Baker! She really wanted the summer to come I think...But actually the weather has been getting better since then...wondering whether we'll have a rainy summer as punishment for our warm spring :/ as usual...

I went for a walk around town and some cherryblossoms were actually blooming!

I really miss Japan and Kyoto and part of me is trying to find ways to get back and spend more time there of course! I love Japan and I'd love to spend a little while longer ;)
But Amsterdam is beautiful bride I want to spend my life with...donning fragile little broken-white blossoms, draped sexily over her canals and parks.. ah

Let's have a lovely spring

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