zondag 20 april 2014

Two birthday party looks :)

I'm stuffing my blog schedule a little this week, I'm sorry I just don't want to get too far from the original day of wear/occurance with things like these, I'm sure next week will be back to snail-pace blogging~

Last week was a week of birthdays, I knew 6 people that were having their birthdays in that week, and I had 4 parties to attend, of which 2 in one night ^^;; 
I'm reaaaally busy with school now, but I thought I could use a break :) So I attended all the parties! (Though two were not really skip-able as they were family)
I only have two looks though, you know how it goes, you end up looking so bad from the previous party...and yeah~ 

This one is a look for my grandma's birthday! She turned 89, so one more year and she'll be 90!! My grandma is really cool so if you would meet her, I'm sure you'd want her to be 90 too, and then 100!!
Knowing I had more parties this week I skipped on the circle lenses and heavy make-up for this party and went with something natural. The look idea came to me after seeing this post on universal doll, about sizing in Japanese brands. What I liked about it was Agemo Satomin's brand clothes called Michell Macaron, which Mitsu introduced in that post. I was acually thinking Satomin looked a little boring lately, but in the brand items she looks really cute! So I reconsidered her style and came up with something Satomin-inspired, I thought it was a lady-like but cute style, fit for a family party :) 

The colors don't show too well in all pictures... My hair is getting lighter but it's not that light yet, so the top left picture shows the colors of my clothes and hair the best~

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: F21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Lattice
Belt: Mikazuki Momoko
Hair accessory: Lattice
Bag: Kitaoji town mall (I don't know what brand this bag is xD)

This look was for my friend Suuz's birthday, her theme was old but gold! I went for a Chanel themed look but my hair like that ages me a little~ I could do better~~
The make-up is the same as from the lens-review so you've seen it before!

This look wasn't too flattering that's why the pictures came out so weird, this was the best I could do :/ I still felt fab though it just didn't photograph well~ And my hair aged me at least 7 years xD But I somehow still like it~

Top: coqule
Skirt: Sponsored from Rosegal.com (check out the review if you haven't seen it yet!)
Cardigan: Zara
Shoes: Attagirl
Necklace and earrings: Gifts from Rox :D

I actually changed for a party later that night but sadly I couldn't really take presentable pictures :(
But these two are kind of in the same category with the peplums and stuff :) I just wish I did something better with my hair in the latter~ Oh well :D

At this pace I should be reaching the 100th outfit post soon!

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