donderdag 17 april 2014

The possible end of Ageha and Nuts, and Gal Appreciation Project!

Innitially I didn't want to write about this because it's a little vague at this point, it would make for a very short post about a very big deal...But it doesn't let me go and I'm writing about it anyway~

There has been a pressrelease here, that the publisher inforest, of Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts, I ♥ Mama and others, has run a large debt and has to throw the towel in the ring. Now it seems they are trying to sell the rights to the publications to other publishers, but publications have been discontinued for an undetermined time.

Nuts has expressed they have no certainty about whether they will ever publish again, for another month, so it might be reasonable to say we can expect a statement from them a month from now.. 

About Koakuma Ageha, there is no saying at this point. To me, it looks like inforest is taking Ageha down with them almost for sure, as they name them as a cause of much debt, it just doesn't look like a lucrative project for another publisher to take under their wing right now..

In the end of the day, all we can do is wait right?

Noone knew, not even the models were informed, and it came as quite a shock to...well all of us I think.

I had grown out of Ageha a little and simultaneously my love for Nuts was growing. Regardless, Koakuma Ageha has always been my source of inspiration, the reason I could push through as a gal, as you know my url is also looks so inappropriate now..

I'm sure a lot of you have enjoyed Koakuma Ageha, not only gals, but other girls that just wanted to see cute fashion. Over time Koakuma Ageha lost some of their popularity in Japan, and maybe overseas as well, but I always got the feeling many of us still looked up to our Agemo as inspirations and motivation.

After hearing the news, I felt an urge to do something, to show those involved with Ageha we've all really enjoyed their work, and to get together as a community. Luckily I have Rox and Rox has the lovely girls at GalVIP to make things like this happen!
And so as a last tribute, GalVIP introduces the gyaru magazine appreciation project!

If you want to join in, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself holding your favourite issue of one of the following magazines:
Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts or I ♥ Mama
and post it somewhere online, like FB, Instagram or Tumblr, with the hashtag #galappreciation. We will find your picture and include it in the collage.
If you're not sure where to post your picture, I will receive it at my blog email address,

I hope many people will participate, because we enjoyed these magazines so much over the years, and God knows many of us enjoyed them so many times without paying a penny~
I hope they won't be discontinued but we can't know right now, let's show the editors and models we love, that we appreciate the years of hard work they put into these magazines!!

If you're feeling nostalgic, maybe check out the posts under the Ageha tag. I'll post my share to the Gal Appreciation Project, and my personal history with Ageha here one of these days when I have time :)

If you're still feeling nostalgic after that, drop me a comment with your best Koakuma/Ane Ageha, I ♥ Mama or Nuts memory, like the first time you heart of the magazine or the first time you ran your fingers over the pages and enjoyed the scent of a freshly printed magazine...

Some deserved credit goes to Patrick Macias, who has been a surprising source for Ageha related news and content since the early years!

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