zaterdag 26 april 2014

Egg magazine to be discontinued and Gyaru Library meet, August 2nd!

Now, it has come to light that Egg magazine has also been discontinued, which makes me very sad, Egg is iconic for gyaru style but apparently it's publishing it's last issue in the end of May.. Egg is off course the first and most iconic gyaru magazine, even though I didn't care too much for Egg anymore since I was about 20, it's sad to see something go that brought you so much happiness and style.. I automatically feel like going a little oldschool tbh...I already started tanning and I pulled out some crazy colors, I was ready to fade away into onee-dom soon but maybe it was premature? ...more about this later when I've got myself figured out~

Other than that, I would love to remind everyone to keep the love coming for the magazines that have recently fallen with the bankrupcy of Inforest: Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts and I love Mama.
by posting your selfie with an issue of one of these magazines under the tag #Galappreciation

At this moment the Galappreciation project does not include Egg, only the Inforest magazines!
On the Japanese gyaru & gaijin gyaru fb group I read there is a video project however, that you can send your video to, sending a little love to the fallen magazines. I couldn't really find the details for this project anywhere though, if I know more I will give you the details.

Because of all the magazines kind of...disappearing or being indefinitely suspended, we introduced the Gyaru Library Picknick.

This is the annual Dutch gyaru picknick (gyaru from other countries are always welcome though, if you're willing to go through the trouble ;D ) but this time we encourage everyone to bring their favourite magazines so we can look into eachother's magazines while we chat and have something nice to eat, in the open air (weather, please be on our side).
This meet isn't until August 2nd, but I'm looking forward to it a lot! Please check the fb page for more details and to put yourself on attending if you want!


Now, I started writing down my history with these magazines, but most of it, or the highlights anyway, are written in the My Gyaru History series so for this post I just decided to show a bit of my collection of the fallen magazines :3

Inforest magazines:


And Egg

I've included Men's Egg even though that has been suspended quite a while ago already, I think? This includes my oldest gal mag 2006-09 Egg, it's falling apart a little so I'm not sure I will bring this to the Gyaru Library meet in August, but at the same time it's a classic that I'd love to show other, younger :'), Dutch gyaru :3

It's suuuuch a small picure, but because I attended the Tsukicon event in Finland, and met Yumachi and Aina there, I actually had my invisible 1 cm picture in Egg once! I'm very proud though it's such a little thing, I felt more connected to the magazine :) This is long ago though! 2010 if I remember correctly, the issue is January 2011.

Did you find me?
Read more about that event under the Tsukicon tag.
I kind of wish we had these kinds of events more, we have lots of gyaru meets and things that I really love, but meeting the Egg models that time was really unique... Lolitas get these kind of events all the time, why not us? ;~; 

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