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Trip to Seoul: Shopping and shopping haul :D

Its already the 12th of March and *WHAM* life happened, or rather study did... I've got a lot to catch up on before the end of the month so I'll slow my blogging pace a little but I intend to keep posting regularly, like once a week or so.. I've noticed a lot of people have updated this week, spring-fever much? ;)
As for me, well, here's another post about my Korea trip :)

So except for sightseeing, of course some shopping had to be done in Korea. Obviously I've also gone cosmetics-shopping, but I've put that in a separate post :) This is just a short post about the shopping I've done in Seoul~

First my friend took me to an area called Sinsa, it's got a relatively short shopping street with trees along the street.. This might not sound so special to you but in my opinion Japan has very little trees and Kyoto has really really little, unless it's in parks~ And as a European I'm used to having lots of trees in the city and this area gave me a lot more European feel~

This is no a very good picture but the point is there are trees~ 

This was earlier that day when I stepped out of the subway, this Uniqlo poster has Tom Odell on it! I was surprised because Japanese Uniqlo doesn't have Tom Odell and I like him so it was cool to see his picture~

This was a vintage store I think, I took a picture there because my leopard coat went well with the walls of the building ;)

The next day we went to an area called Insadong, famous for it's traditional craft stores but we're two 20-something girls so we manage to just walk into all the shops with cute stuff, I didn't buy a single traditional thing...feel a little barbaric but well~

This was a cute shopping mall in Insadong with lots of cute crafts-stores :)

They have this cute Jetoy store on the top floor :) I will write a little more about that below~

And a place where couples hung lovenotes on trees...it looks cute like blossom~

This was a day full of shopping! We took the subway to Myeongdong, and this cool advertisement was in the subway:

I don't have a lot of pictures from Myeongdong even though I did most of my shopping there. Stepped in every cosmetics store and bought my lovely new bag from A-land and Jacket from Mixxo~

But this is a picture my friend took of me in A-land in there~ I look funny~ 

Then we went to Dongdaemun Market, it's an area with lots of big malls what stay open until the early morning, and a materials-market that opens very early in the morning, meaning you can basicly shop 24 hours a day here. 

Though you can normally enter and shop as a consumer, my friend told me most of these stores are originally meant for wholesale and this is the center of fashion of whole Korea. Because I was wondering how these kind of places could economically survive..but she told me this is the only place in Korea like this and they make money on wholesale rather than shopping tourists or other individuals.
There really are a lot of big malls, some are more high class and others are cheap. When we went some of them weren't open, some don't open on Tuesday and Wednesday, they need a break too~ Instead a night-market appeared in front of the closed malls, selling cheap goods and false brand items~

I thought it would be so cool to shop at night, but inside the mall you don't notice it's night...and there's not a lot of people and you get lost in the gigantic buildings with lots of cute stuff but completely unknown brand names...I saw a lot of cute jackets but I bought nothing

I actually had a manicure on the last day of my stay! Originally my friend and I had planned to get gel-nails, but the salon had some appointments and we ended up only getting our hands taken care of and getting very cute nail polish! I picked this summery cute color to go with my new bag~

So now for the shopping haul :) 

The Jacket was from a Korean Zara-like shop called Mixxo. I was so charmed by all jackets in Korea, they have long jackets with a fabulous straight cut, and I love those kind of jackets~ I wanted to buy all of them but I went with a black blazer in the end...because, this migt be odd but, I didn't have one yet! I didn't have a black blazer yet, so I used the excuse it would be very practical :)

This cute cat is so cute! I had seen items from this cat before in Japan, in Korea town :) it's a cute character/ cute design called ChooChoo cat, from a brand called Jetoy I mentioned above~ I was thinking about writing another post about the brand because I like having cute things on my blog~ I bought a set of this stuff for about 10 euros, because it was from the previous season or something...they had many different combinations but I picked this set because the blue card-wallet would look cute with my new bag, and the blue sticky notes have a cat on them with traditional King's clothing and a palace on the background...so I bought it as a souvenir of Korea I guess~

I got this bag from a select shop called A-land, it's a chain but I think the inventory differs a little per store. I saw these bags first in the A-land store in Sinsa, then I couldn't take my mind off it and found it again in another A-land store I think in Myeongdong :) 
This brand called 3.3 Field Trip has lots of gorgeous bags, I totally fell in love with another black bag as well...but I couldn't afford 2 especially considering I had to take all of that back home too. It wasn't too expensive though! The bag is well made and the price was..something between 40 and 50 euros I think~ I might consider buying more bags from this brand if it's possible online and if the bag offers reasonable quality on the long run~

And because I'm addicted to magazines I tried hard to find Korean magazines..it was a little hard because like in Holland most of their magazines are local versions of the international names like Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl etc.. I kind of wanted magazines that displayed Korean fashion like Japanese magazines do Japanese fashion.. I didn't succeed, but I did buy a cool urban streetsnap magazine and fashion/gossip newspaper :)

So what I've got to say about shopping in Seoul, is that it's great! I love it! You can shop 24 hours a day if you like, and Korean fashion is very stylish, a little less distinct than Japanese fashion but the sizes are forgiving and I think if you don't have a specific look in mind and you're ready to be surprised, you'll love shopping in Korea :)

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