dinsdag 4 maart 2014

Trip to Seoul: Korean Cosmetics shopping at Etude House and shopping haul.

As Korea is famous for their great skin-care products and cosmetics, and there were at least 4 cosmetics stores on every shopping street...I had to give in and buy some stuff there...
I'm not neccesarily cheap when it comes to buying cosmetics, but I'm sparing... I don't own a lot of different products, so it's kind of exceptional I buy this much.. (much to me anyway)

I didn't know a lot about Korean cosmetic brands, but I was excited about shopping at Etude House. I've seen Universal doll's review about their cute Princess Etoinette line, and my friend told me about their store concept: they want to make the customer feel like a princess. I wanted to feel like a princess so I went to check it out!

I didn't take a lot of pictures in other cosmetic stores, but Etude House was so cute I couldn't resist..

The store front usually looks like a house with a pink roof, but the one I went shopping at with my friend looked a bit different, like a palace with a glass store-front.

In this store the ground floor was filled with racks displaying the products and it was rather crowded! 
But upstairs they had a fun space to play around :)

This is the decoration along the stairs, with cute scenery cut outs in every mirror-shaped frame.


There weren't really products sold on this floor, except bottles of water, bath-balls and other things from coin machines and some cute cosmetic pouches.

They had these cute princess-masks, I think you could take them free with your purchase but I'm not sure.

They had a cute display of tiaras you could try on, and they had ipads on the vanity-table/bar on the right, where you could play a game pretending you were giving someone a manicure!

The shop staff was dressed in cute pink too, and it was a great shopping experience, I didn't want to leave ;~; and I didn't buy as much as I would have liked...tbh I expected more Etude House at the airport and as I wasn't sure how much money I would use for other activities, I kind of counted on the fact I could spend my last Won on Etude House stuff at the airport, but the selection was small..

Cosmetics stores in Seoul get a lot of attention from tourists, so they often have staff that can speak English or Japanese. As I spoke Japanese with my Korean friend I often got served in Japanese. The staff is a little more pushy than Japanese staff, they walk behind you and try to make suggestions for you, which can be quite usefull if you're looking for something, but a bit of a turn-off if you're just browsing..

I bought a few items from Etude house, one from Missha, Tony Moly, and some nail stuff from The Face Shop..

I will be making mini-reviews on these products! Just to show how they look and what I think of them :) So please look forward to that!!!

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