maandag 31 maart 2014

Sushi Meetup Utrecht and Look Rundown~

Hey guys :D
Wow it's been a while since I attended a big meetup, but last saturday we had one in Amsterdam :) Rox organized it after we had a HYPER get together after I came back :)

I had a loooot of fun and I talked to people I didn't know before :) I just felt really great.. That's just the thing I was really missing about gal style when I was in Japan by myself, that's the social aspect~  I might write more about this in a separate post if I feel like it:)

Anyway so the meet!

We went for lunch at sushi chain Sumo, it's an all-you-can-eat formula, the interior was cute and the food was nice too :)

They have false sakura all over the place, it's kitch but it's cute, especially in this season, I imagine in winter it kind of misses the point but in spring when we're all looking forward to the flowers blooming, this is just kind of nice :) like eating sushi under the sakura :D

Everyone was sitting at the table, waiting for the foooood :)
I'm surprised how great everyone looked!!! When I saw them on the station I was like wow~!!! Real Gyaru!!! It's not Always been like that in the Dutch gyaru community, we've all been pagyaru before right?

Then Rox put a gift on my plate :D she brought it back from Suriname for me back in fall :D 
It's super cute! I'm so happy with this one :) it's got the 2009 like, Delyle/Chanel inspired feel, but because it's short it goes well with this year's trends too :3 I look forward to coordinating it~

I don't usually eat sushi in Holland, unless it's homemade...because it's overpriced and not always that great~  But I was surpised...I thought Japan had funny sushi but actually there's super funny sushi here this thing called crunchy roll...which is a vegetarian piece of sushi with like crunchy tempura  crusts rolled in it :) it was goood! I enjoyed it, it was funny~

After eating lunch, we took group pictures in the top of the restaurant :) Rox was taking pictures with a proper camera so most people are facing her but I wanted my own picture too, so it came out kind of cute.

I love how the pink blossoms contrast to the lot of blue in the group, but corresponds with some of the floral pieces...Like early spring!

We walked for a while after this, to get cocktailllssss!

Yay! So I took pictures with a few people and I was happy to also meet Eva, who comments on my blog a lot too :D It's always fun to meet someone you know from online :) I hope you'll come again next time :D

Took pictures with Nadine, my classmate that also studied in Kyoto, just in a different university.

And my baby Rox :) I was happy to have drinks with Rox by my side~

I had a really great time with everyone and I can't wait for the next meetup!

So some pictures of what I'm wearing :)


Coat: Imugirls, from eBay
Sweater: Retro Girl
Skirt: Egoist
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Somewhere in Porta-mall, Kyoto
Bracelet: Spinns
Earrings: Mikazuki Momoko
Clutch: Furoshiki/shiki (A Dutch brand of these foldable sticky clutches, inspired by Japanese folding cloths Furoshiki :3 )
Of course I had an extra good time because I'm more confident and I feel really good about my body at this moment. I've lost some weight and dyed my hair, making it look more even and healthier :) I love my new color and I love being back to my favourite weight :3 It doesn't matter I gain weight when I enjoy eating for a while, I was just surprised like "Wow, I looked this good before too?!" Hehehehehe
...And "Wow, what those boots do for my legs~."  It's a great thing :3 so reeeally helps to just feel good about yourself and not to feel like you're compromising on your style. And to have lovely girls around you to have fun with~!!!! Of course :)

Can't wait til the next meetup, in May I think :)

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