dinsdag 18 maart 2014

Edge Style: why this might be my new favourite magazine

This year I gave myself a limit to consider when buying magazines in Japan, because I spent too much money on them and they were heavy to take home, but if I did buy magazines, I felt very drawn to this magazine, Edge Style. I was more excited to see it come out than the next Ageha, even more than the next Ane Ageha! Which means a lot because Ageha was getting a little old but Ane Ageha was still really interesting to me.

This magazine has a webpage and there is a lot to see there so check it out: Edge Style webpage

I first bought this magazine because they had a little column, or well...a 2 page spread on Momoeri, but it turns out they have that every month! It's called "Perfect Afternoon" and it's built around Momoeri and her tips for fashion or beauty or travel :) it made me really happy to see her again! Edge Style has a lot of star models on their pages, Jun Komori (ex Popteen) (she was reason for controversy recently and also on maternity leave so not sure about her future in the magazine),  Nana Suzuki (ex Popteen), Natsumi Saito (ex Ranzuki), Rui Kotobuki (ex Katy) (Maybe she doesn't mean that much to you but I really like her style) and others.

The contents are on the more mature side, but in my opinion they have a cuter and a little more varied offer than Blenda and Jelly, and a less rigid image than Nuts (their models are a little hardcore). The models represent very different styles, like Natsumi is known for her little more crazy style, Narumi is very very sexy, Suzu is cute etc.

They have spreads on how to coordinate stuff from foreign brands (Zara, F21, H&M~), how to coordinate with stuff from GU (a Uniqlo daughter brand). They have western celeb snaps, Japanese street snaps, they show the new items from popular Japanese brands by the brand's own models or shopstaff, the magazine has super many different interesting spreads and caters to different styles.

I think out of the mature magazines (Nuts, Blenda, Jelly, sCawaii and maybe Vivi) I like this one the most now. I even skipped spring's Ane Ageha for March's Edge Style!

(Not sure whether this is an advertisement or what but it just looks cute!)

If you have a chance to read Edge Style, I really recommend you look into it once, especially if you feel your style is maturing and you don't know where to go with it~

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