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Cosmetic review: Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream and Tony Moly Cat's Wink clear pact.

Hey guys, so I was planning to make mini reviews but that never really works out so you could consider these full fledged reviews.
Today I'm reviewing 2 of the items I brought back from Seoul, a BB cream and a powder, I put them together because they're both base make-ups, obviously. In the pictures I'm not using any other products except daycream, so no concealer no illuminator, to show you the power of the product itself.

To start with the Signature Real Complete BB cream from Missha. This was a recommended item, according to the shop lady this was the most popular product among Japanese tourists. I don't know a lot about makeup, I know what I like and I tend to stick with the same products because of it, so the fact it was popular was reason enough for me to buy it. The staff also suggested a less covering, more cream like BB cream for me, but I turned it down because I like coverage and it was more pricey D: 
This BB cream was 20,000 won on Missha-day...which is supposed to be a discount day even though I don't know whether I got a discount~ so about 20 Euros, which isn't at all bad but a little over your regular drugstore brands, selling at 10 to 15 euros usually

Wow this is pretty confronting...This is a half/half of the product (BB cream/nude).
I chose this part of the face because I want to see how much it covers up my pores. 
I have to say, it doesn't really show on the picture but this is a really covering BB cream, and I had doubts whether maybe I would have been better off with the product the staff suggested me.. This is about as thick as Dior SkinSculpt foundation, which I was recommended to stay away from as it's heavy duty stuff for aged skin, though I just used it for a year and loved it anyway :P
It's thick and hard to spread over the face, but on the up-side it's extremely covering and long lasting, it stays flawless all day, and even though it's so thick, it doesn't feel too heavy, even though I can't say it feels like you have nothing on~  
It covers my pores well, even though nowadays my pores are less visible than they once were, it's matte, it covers a lot and illuminates, providing a very even skintone, so if you're using this product in it's pure form, I would recommend some contouring under, because if not you'll end up looking like a doll.

Right now I use this product daily, but I mix it with my daycream, using my face as a palette to mix the cream and BB cream. It's not so easy to mix as it's a thick cream on a thin daycream, but patting it in circly motions keeps away the streakyness. And you don't need to use so much, half a pump is enough for natural coverage and it lasts the whole day :) I love this product :D I hope it will last me long :)

Lasting effect:★★★★★

This is the cat's wink clear pact from Tony Moly. I got it because of it's cute appearance, look at it~
It goes very well with my hello kitty lashcase and Etude House handcream and lip-balm, which was a gift from my friend Josephine when she came back from Korea :)

This is color 01, the lightest color, they have 01 and 02. 
It's called clear pact but that doesn't mean it's a clear powder or "BB powder", it certainly has a color and it covers enough to be used as a foundation, even though I'm no big fan of powder foundation.

Here's a half/half of my face with and without the powder (powder/nude).
As you can see it's super matte, and super illuminating! Illiminating shadows in my face like the one under my lip, covering dark circles and little flaws, and it covers the pores pretty well too :)  it doesn't feel dry or heavy at this point.

Here's a half/ half where I'm using the Missha BB cream under the powder (powder & BB cream/just BB cream). This feels a little cakey, not sure I would recommend doing this... It does show how the powder mattifies and illuminates well, but it saturated a little on the cheek-bones...maybe I applied it too soon.. I think combiding these two heavy duty products..might be something I would only do for a red carpet appearance or something..which won't happen so yeah~ But if you're using the Missha BB cream with daycream, I think the Cat's wink can be used for mattifying or touching up during the day just fine~ I recommend Cat's Wink for lovers of powder foundation or those wearing only a very light base, because it could easily be too much~

Mattifying effect:★★★★★

Sooo, I hope you like my reviews, they're quite extensive but if you were interested in these products maybe they were helpfull...I had a lot of fun writing them while I'm supposed to be studying ;)

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