donderdag 20 februari 2014

Recommendations in Kyoto: Hanjiro Vintage

So guys, I came back to Amsterdam now...I'm sure those among you who have been to Japan before know this kind of reverse culture shock you go through coming home and basicly being disappointed with everything...but I have family and friends to pull me through :) I don't think I'd like to live in Japan permanently, but I would like to spend longer periods of time there so well, I'll see what I can make of it.. it's all about career and what kind of place I end up in..

So anyway I still want to bring you some of the best from Kyoto, today that's vintage shop Hanjiro!
Hanjiro is a chain of vintage shops that has stores in all kinds of places, Tokyo too.

Vintage stores in Japan often have special cute decor, and Hanjiro has similar interior in the Tokyo store as they have in their Kyoto store. But I think it's because Kyoto has more space that they have a very cool exterior and entry hall thingy, and I'm sharing Hanjiro just because the shopping experience is so fun~

This store is located behind Shin-Kyogoku shopping arcade, and can be reached by walking past Pink-Latte, and going to the left at the end of the street (where the ninja cafe is located!). I've written about the location of Pink Latte before so check out this post about Pink-Latte.

Hanjiro has a cute veranda in front of the building, and once stepping in you walk into a white room with sinks and bathtubs with plants in them!

This one bathtub has goldfish in it! It's cute but I wonder how the fish feel a little..

From the end of the hall you can walk up the stairs and end up in another hall with pieces of art that say Amsterdam on them ;) Which is the last hall until you walk into the actual store!

The store is divided in two by a wall in the middle, there's two pathways through the wall, one of them has a big room with some little birds in them, I couldn't take a proper picture. And the other one has little fountains, with fish~

The store interior is different on those two sides. The side with the chandeleers has lots of accessories and new items.

The other side just has lanes full of vintage clothing, men's and women's. Sorted according to style, so checked shirs, floral dresses, military jackets, jeans etc all hang in groups ;)

If you like vintage you can definetly nose around Hanjiro, it's always quiet but they have some lovely pieces hanging around~  And if not for the clothes you could always check out the fish and birds.

For other locations in Japan, check out the Hanjiro website.

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