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300-yen shops and what they can do for you.

I thought about writing this post under the Recommendations in Kyoto title but in the end, these stores exist all over Japan and as most of you that travel to Japan travel to Tokyo instead, I figured it might be better as a more universal kind of post~ 

So if you like cute things and accessories, but you find that 4000 yen (abt what? well between 35 and 40 euros) is a bit much for a necklace, even though it is Egoist/LizLisa/whatever you like.
Or if you're like me and you might think 20 euros, even 10 euros might be too much for an accessory sometimes, especially considering you might only use it one season. Well then you'll be happy to know you can take your money to the 300 yen store and even if you come out broke you'll either have a lot of stuff or you must have gone in broke to begin with..

Including tax the items are 315 yen, and after the tax alteration in April it should be about 321 yen...I really wonder how they're gonna deal with this tax thing, it makes the prices all weird...get lots more 1 yen coins...but back on topic~

This is an example of a 300 yen store, in the center of Kyoto. This one is called Mikazuki Momoko and there's 2 stores in Kyoto, I've also seen one in Osaka and Tokyo has one or two aswel but not in the places you'd expect like Shibuya or Harajuku but in the more alternative Shimokitazawa.

Because it was winter they had socks and bankets and stuff outside, and inside the store they have all kinds of cute things like accessories, but also kitchen and storage items, stationary, towels, toys, bento boxes and what not~ Kind of like 100yen stores but at least 3 times as cute ;)

Mikazuki Momoko is for a bit younger girls, the items are all very cute, but they have the general trend stuff too, it's just not usually ahead of the trends, just in the middle of it or a little late.

Website: Momoko300.com

This is the 3coins shop in Kyoto station. 3coins has more home and household stuff, but they do have some cute accessories too! Their style is a litte more mature, cute stuff for office ladies, you know~
They don't seem to mind trends too much and in my opinion have the same things for a pretty long time, compared to Mikazuki Momoko.

Website: 3coins.jp

Then there's Paris Kid's. You might know that one, they have a store on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. In Kansai I don't think they have an actual store, but department stores might have a few racks with 315 yen accessories from Paris Kid's. As you can see their items are featured in several magazines, and they focus on accessories, they don't have any interior stuff or toys or anything like the other two shops. I like Paris Kid's but I much prefer Mikazuki Momoko for the shopping experience, they've got a cute shop with a cute concept, Paris Kid's just has a lot of racks with accessories lined up in the store. Regardless, their items are cute too and I do recommend going there for your budget accessories!

I couldn't find an official website, but they have an online store here: Paris Kid's Rakuten Shop

These 3 stores stock some of the same things but they do have different, more distinct styles too. If you are on a budget in Japan, or you want to use your last coins in the last few days of your Japan holiday, I suggest you find your local 300yen shop to go on a spree :3

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