vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Catalogue picks for spring from Rienda, Cecil McBee, Duras and Lip Service

Before leaving Japan I managed to snatch a few spring catalogues from the stores! I know these catalogues often appear online too so it's not such a big deal, but it's just so much more convenient...I'm an old fashioned girl and I feel a lot more organized in material form than I am on computers...

So I've got the catalogues with my sticky notes in them ^^;; I actually scanned the things I liked... I suppose it's more work this way...but somehow I like it~
(Click the pictures for enlargement)

So to start with Rienda~

This thing they call resort pattern, or botanical pattern..especially the green set~
Why? Well because I've seen this worked very well before, actually, I bought a jumpsuit with a similar kind of pattern from Retro Girl last summer after one of my classmates rocked it~ But last year's trend was a lot warmer so she paired it with a camel blazer..it was so stylish~
And Me Jane has produced a gorgeous green botanical OP...maybe last year? it goes great with brown hair, looks great on tanned gals.

Well, this page sais spring color, but I'm actually just charmed by the jacket. Since last year I've seen a lot of oversized jackets and straight-cut jackets. The latter were very popular in Korea too, the long straight-cut jackets have a very elegant and cool effect on the wearer's silhouette, whereas the oversized ones look cute. I wanted to buy all the jackets I saw in Korea so much! That cut looks much better on me than classic jackets...corrects my posture~


These sets...I just love this kind of print~ It's so classical 2008/9 agejo to me~ I'm not sure I would still pull this off so well but I imagine this stuff with beautiful caramel curls and dolly makeup, maybe a nude or black jacket and nude or black strappy sandals, golden details or something..unf~

These sets, because they are sets~ I love seeing sets in general, I love the blue trend, this set on the left is denim I think. I love peplums. I love the flowy top/bottom sets too, they look so good under a long jacket or cardigan.. This silhouette is the new agejo to me~ Even though this is not something Ageha really promotes that much~

And lastly, well, it's Rienda's new line of lashes~ Honestly I don't think I would buy these, they are very natural and to me one or another natural lash..doesn't really matter much :x But I wanted to share the pictures because I think even with more natural make-up Rienda's Murami still looks super dolly! The cute rose-ish lenses and cool blush make subtile reference to the more artificial nature of gal make-up, but the eyemake is more romantic, I like it a lot :)


Next is Cecil McBee. They have so much stuff in different styles throughout the season, I don't think the catalogue really predicts that much~

These three looks, I didn't cut and paste them together, they were lined up like this, the right one is on the next page~
I like the left look for the printed set, this will be coordinated much more gyaru-esque on the streets I bet~ The middle one, this tunic, I'm not sure whether it's a dress...but I don't think so, look at how short is it...would look great with jeans-shorts and golden accessories for a D.I.A kind of look, but softer and more bohemian~
The look on the right is the only one I love 100%. The printed knit dress...ohhh I would so want a dress like that ;~; and it's so classy with the beige/camel-ish jacket and black accessories, so so classy and lady-like but still sexy~ I would love to see this on a model with long brown, sexy loose curls and no bangs~

This one on the left here, I love it for the peplum and the fact those bat cardigans apparently still sell~ I think they are very cute and I regret not buying them at Uniqlo when they were cheap :x
The right one for the printed pants~ I love that print and the colors, and I think printed pants are very sexy and cute!


Duras had a very sexy model with beautiful eyes~

I love everything about this look, the lace jumpsuit is so elegant and sexy, and will look great with a tan in summer! I see more yellow for spring and summer and it doesn't charm me as much as the blue trend but Duras presents it very well.

Another set in this yellow color, it's super cute, but I'm afraid this sexy model is a little too sexy.. it looks like a beach two-piece this way, especially with the wedges like that. Edge Style presented the set like this:

I'm super curious how the shop-staff are going to coordinate this. Stores like Duras and Lip Service present their items very differently in their catalogues than they do in-store. Shop-staff and mannequins show you how it's really used you know~

This last look for Duras, well...I love the modern tweed(-ish) sets that have been everywhere since last year, and I love classic tweed sets even more~ but I was also just tricked by the sex-appeal of this model...


As for Lip Service...Lip Service became maybe my favourite brand for their super stylish shop-staff, but a lot of their items are simple and this spring I don't see how the shop-staff are going to work these things out.. Curious~

This look, well I love the lace blue skirt, I was actually looking for something like this, but I wanted to coordinate it with something black~

I love these pages because they show the cool-ness of the color palette this spring, the white trend and blue trend, cool pastels and black or grey prints...last year it was all pink and salmon and warm beige, light caramel...I love the cool colors but at the same time I loved last year's warm colors so much too...I wonder how they're going to fit all the white with younger gyaru-style..

This is the last one for Lip Service and the last item for today, I love it because it's a set and I love the cool way they used the pattern in the high-waist top, this isn't a new concept, these sets were around since last year. I know real gals will make this look a lot better and cuter than this catalogue did...I don't think it looks so flattering here but this one is nicer than it seems:

Sooo, I hope this was interesting or helpful to you! I hope to take some stuff out of a few other brands' catalogues when they are available online :)

maandag 24 februari 2014

Trip to Seoul: Korean food-porn

So this is the first post about my trip to Seoul! I hope you're excited because I have 2, maybe 3 more to make...because every time I write, the posts get too long...

I realize it's a bit off topic...I Always told myself to keep the love for food and the love for fashion separate...but well too late now ;P

My Japanese friends already told me, a trip to Korea would mean eating great food every day. I love Korean food and..food is everywhere, restaurants, cafe's and little food stalls on the streets too!
So let me share my food pictures with you :3

My friend said not all girls like this so much because it smells of pork, but I don't mind, love that stuff~

This was Chijimi, korean kind of crusty pancakes that everyone loves...ohhh this stuff is so great TT^TT

This was one of the little food stalls, that sold this thing..

It's kind of like a donut, with a honey/sesame sauce inside.. somehow with the honey sesame combi I find traditional Korean sweets not unlike Turkish sweets to be honest...

The advertisement for a poop cafe...we didn't go~ _o_

Bibimbap! Another one of those dishes noone can dislike, it's a bowl of rice with several things on top, different types of vegetables like cabbage, kimchi (of daikon I think) mushroom, cucumber, bean sprouts...and then you mix it all...it somehow tastes really nice :)

This is a long potato on a stick...nothing too special, they have it in Japan too but it's just fun to see!

This spicy chicken stew was super spicy! if you eat this you won't need makeup anymore...you naturally get a cute blush, teary looking eyes and plump red lips ;)

Korean Chinese food! I loved Japanese Chinese food, but the Korean Chinese food is good too, it's a little closer to the Chinese we eat in Holland, lots of deep-fried things with slightly sweet sauce.. This was deep-fried pork with sour berry sauce and onions...omg so delicious! And the colors looked nice for the picture too :)

Of course, topokki, I ate it in it's more usual form later, but on a stick is good too :) this stuffff!

And icecream with a bit of..beehive on it it seems... you can chew on it forever and it's quite tasteless once the honey is gone...but a fun experience :)
I don't think this is necessarily Korean, it might have been a foreign chain~

This was my friend's mom's homemade gyoza! I actually helped stuffing and folding the gyoza too, it was fun work and the result was so yummy!!

This is Korean shaved ice, it's got berry sauce on it and you get to pour sweet red bean...stuff over it, and some sweet mochi :) it was very good, I never ate red beans with shaved ice in Japan...I don't know whether they have that...
But I love red beans and I will miss it in here :( I can buy some red bean stuff at the Japanese or Korean supermarket but it's pricey you know..

This is the last picture I've got! This was a Korean noodle/shabu shabu fusion! Shabu Shabu is Japanese meat fondue and the noodles were Korean Kalguksu noodles, in this spicy kimchi soup... it was so delicious guys..

My friend took great care of me in Korea and I was never hungry ^^;; love this food so much!!!

I have a lot of Korea posts..not sure whether I should post them all consecutively or have breaks in between...the latter might be better...

donderdag 20 februari 2014

Recommendations in Kyoto: Hanjiro Vintage

So guys, I came back to Amsterdam now...I'm sure those among you who have been to Japan before know this kind of reverse culture shock you go through coming home and basicly being disappointed with everything...but I have family and friends to pull me through :) I don't think I'd like to live in Japan permanently, but I would like to spend longer periods of time there so well, I'll see what I can make of it.. it's all about career and what kind of place I end up in..

So anyway I still want to bring you some of the best from Kyoto, today that's vintage shop Hanjiro!
Hanjiro is a chain of vintage shops that has stores in all kinds of places, Tokyo too.

Vintage stores in Japan often have special cute decor, and Hanjiro has similar interior in the Tokyo store as they have in their Kyoto store. But I think it's because Kyoto has more space that they have a very cool exterior and entry hall thingy, and I'm sharing Hanjiro just because the shopping experience is so fun~

This store is located behind Shin-Kyogoku shopping arcade, and can be reached by walking past Pink-Latte, and going to the left at the end of the street (where the ninja cafe is located!). I've written about the location of Pink Latte before so check out this post about Pink-Latte.

Hanjiro has a cute veranda in front of the building, and once stepping in you walk into a white room with sinks and bathtubs with plants in them!

This one bathtub has goldfish in it! It's cute but I wonder how the fish feel a little..

From the end of the hall you can walk up the stairs and end up in another hall with pieces of art that say Amsterdam on them ;) Which is the last hall until you walk into the actual store!

The store is divided in two by a wall in the middle, there's two pathways through the wall, one of them has a big room with some little birds in them, I couldn't take a proper picture. And the other one has little fountains, with fish~

The store interior is different on those two sides. The side with the chandeleers has lots of accessories and new items.

The other side just has lanes full of vintage clothing, men's and women's. Sorted according to style, so checked shirs, floral dresses, military jackets, jeans etc all hang in groups ;)

If you like vintage you can definetly nose around Hanjiro, it's always quiet but they have some lovely pieces hanging around~  And if not for the clothes you could always check out the fish and birds.

For other locations in Japan, check out the Hanjiro website.

zaterdag 15 februari 2014

3 coordinates including one for spring's blue trend :)

So, this is the last post I'll be writing from Japan! I have some more topics about Japan and about my trip to Korea I went on this past week :) But next time I'm posting I'll be doing so from Amsterdam... Wow...I miss my friends and family but it's really hard to leave...I've ended up really feeling at home here..so I'm pretty torn about leaving..but that's for another post~

So 3 looks, starting with this one, that I planned out and looked forward to wearing so much!:

Sweater: Retro Girl
Pants: Shoo-la-rue
Shoes: Jane Norman
Necklace: F21

I wanted to make a look like this as soon as I saw this blue trend coming up, I thought it would be great to coordinate it with these pants, so I went looking all over for a blue sweater. Right now blue stuff is alllll over the shops and everyone's wearing it so this spring I suggest you start pulling out your blue stuff ;)

This was a simple look for a day out with my friend...I don't have more than one picture but it was comfortable and sweet :)

Sweater: Cinema Club (Honey's)
White shirt: could be anyplace >_<
Shorts: Mouth Valley (what... well I got it from Izumiya dep. store)
Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Spinns
Necklace: Somewhere in Porta, honestly don't remember the shop

The flowers on the necklace are actually black but they twisted around and the back is gold..I tried to balance the black ribbon on the shorts.

This look was for going shopping with a friend today. I'm sorry my room is a bit of a mess in the picture..I'm moving out ;~;

Sweater: Wego
Shorts: Lip Service (the 500yen ones ;D )
Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Jane Norman
Necklace: H&M

This look didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, but well, still worth showing I think~

So it's the middle of the night and I better go to sleep :) Next post will be from Holland!!