zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Shizuka Mutou: present (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

So this is a translation of the short interview with Shizuka, more like a short Q&A for fun, about the present.
Next week I'll start translating the long interview about the future and the possible marriage (?!!!) that lies in the futureeeee~ 

1. Q. All this time you haven't told us but, what's the income of our blunt Shizuka?
A. Huh?! Well, because it's the last time, it's ok. If it's my annual income, well it's not a hundred million yen (roughly about a 9 hundred thousand € at the current exchange rate) but...weeell, something like that I think ;D

2. Q. You have a luxurious image but...what kind of sense of (monetary) value have you got?
A. Surprisingly normal I think. I eat convenience store bento all the time and if I don't pay my bills, they'll cut off the water -.-; Sometimes I don't even have 1000 yen on me (abt 9 €)

3. Q. How much money do you spend in a week?
This week I didn't spend much more than the taxi fare I think. And other than that, I pay when I go for dinner with the girls from staff so at most I think a hundred thousand yen (about 900 €).

4. Q. What, in Shizuka's wardrobe, has cost the most?
A. Obviously it's the Hermes Birkin bag :3 I'm thinking about buying myself a Harry Winston watch as a Christmas present this year (2013).

5. Q. What's your daily schedule like?
A. On weekdays we have a design meeting at 13:30 and I go home at about 21:00. And at night I'm bossed around by Shuu, like he sends me to the convenience store to get beer, hahaha. I'm running around at home ♥

6. Q. Tell us about the best date of your life ♥
Without a doubt, Las Vegas ☆ the streets sparkle and it's gorgeous, it's like the world in the movies! We went to a high class restaurant and it was too much, I don't really know about the taste of the food, and I got lost in the atmosphere, my hands were shaking and I couldn't eat -.-;;

7. Q. Your dream when you were little?
A. From when I was in kindergarten, my dream was to be a kogyaru ♥ I admired Namie Amuro. Like "when I grow up I want to wear a Hibiscus on my heaaad!" My dream came true right?

8. Q. What kind of house do you live in?
A. As a reward for working so hard all these years, I bought a mansion together with Shuu. From now on we're going to decorate it into a gorgeous room like in Gossip Girl ☆

9. Q. What kind of kid were you when you were little?
A.  When I say it, for some reason people laugh but, I was raised in Kamakura. I went to a kindergarten in a temple and the teachers were all monks. I thought "When men grow up, they all become monks" :3 We celebrated the birthday of the great Buddha and stuff ☆

10. Q. Tell us the history of Rady.
A.  In the beginning I didn't think I'd be doing this professionally at all, it started with one piece of room wear I made because I wanted Shuu to think I was cute ♥

So that's it for this one, now there's no way around it, I've got to start translating the monster interview..might separate it in 2 bits but anyway...the warming-up is definitely over TT^TT

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