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Shizuka Mutou: Past (Translation from Ageha 2014-2)

I've divided the article into the cover page and past, as the "past" was mostly a bunch of pictures of which I'm not translating all the descriptions, I'll choose some highlights for you.

The present is a short Q&A, I will post that separately.

The long interview is part of the "future" part of the article and I will translate it later like next week or later because I have exams and stuff coming so I'm actually quite busy~ I'll write it though :) I hope I won't have to keep you waiting for too long~

So this is really the final appearance of Shizuka in Ageha, in 2014 she will not be part of the magazine anymore.

The cover page:

It's been 3 months since she announced her graduation. This month Shizuka is really taking off on her journey.

For the last time, we will ask for Shizuka's thoughts, divided in "past", "present" and "future".

Please take the last message from Shizuka who's continuing down a new road.

Shizuka Mutou, graduation and then marriage to a person she loves.

This time it's really goodbye. Thank you so much for everything so far.

In this issue, she will close her 8 years as an Ageha model. There were fun things and hardships but beside that, there was always Ageha. This is the last part of her graduation project, in which she thanks all of you for your support.


The Shizuka of the present exists because of the past.

Let's look back remembering the history of Shizuka so far.

Because she came out in Ageha since before Ageha was a monthly publication, we have tons of memories ♥
We also had Shizuka pick up some memorable moments herself ★
Things that were hard make good memories too ♥

Highlights picked by Charlotte (because a lot of this was pointless IMO, looking back at past photoshoots and articles..I chose the most exciting events for each year):

make-up took 2 hours
Memories with granny
Being at the launch event for the video game Ryu ga Gotoku (a Yakuza game featuring some Ageha models as hostesses)
Appeared on SmapxSmap and had KimuTaku do Agejo style.
    But she couldn't even remember the simple lines, and wanted to go home!
The time she walked Tokyo Girls'  Collection and couldn't walk well
    At the time all the girls from Ageha had to walk Tokyo Girls' Collection. But it was hard to walk as she usually doesn't walk (really?)
(I tried to look for a video of this all over the internet but no luck so far D: I know it was there before!)
Promoting pachinko (I wrote a not so impressive post about it before, but fun for the pictures~ Here )
Coming home in the morning, as a night-person.

So this was the easy part...Next will be a Q&A about her present, which I will basicly translate when I have time.. Looking forward to it :)

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