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Shizuka Mutou: Future/Final interview pt. 2 (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

Alright so, I've gotten to translating the last bit of the interview series with Shizuka Mutou in Februari's Ageha. It's a bit different from the past one again focussing more on her lovelife and containing a bit of a "shocking revelation"... well maybe not that bad but a little. 

I recommend reading this remembering part one of this interview, to get the whole picture of her life.
And if you're interested look back at the other interviews.

So no more chatting, on to the translation!

If I write this you might get mad with me so I didn't write it until now. But because it's the last time, I'll write it down and get ready for the blow.

My boyfriend Shuu and I started dating when I was 18 and he was 21. As we were dating, we started living together too, but I'm an indoorsy person, so I was in the house often. Shuu however is always out and about, he comes home late and where he goes is a mystery... I sat and waited at home all the time.
   And at that moment it hit me, if I wear sweatshirts at home all the time, of course he'd get bored with me, and I wondered whether, if I wear cute roomwear he might come home sooner. And it suddenly clicked, if I would wear roomwear that's a little sexy, he won't see anything but me ♥. Well, I don't know how it really worked out but yeah (Laughs). The things I thought at that time, the feeling that I wanted to be cute at home.....that's linked to Rady's brand concept: "For the you that wants to become cute."
   Because cute roomwear wasn't sold anywhere, I designed it myself and made it, and then when I uploaded it on my blog many people said they wanted to have it too. That's how I made a brand with roomwear as the main focus. I was asked by other apparel companies to come design for them, but I wasn't interested. At that time, Shuu had quite some money even though he was young. So he said, "you should make an apparel brand, do it right now, it's alright", that's what he said! He said "I've got up to 20,000,000 yen" (about 16~180,000 Euros). Thinking about it now, he invested that kind of fortune, even though I didn't have any experience in the apparel industry, right? He's not just some spoiled boy from a well-off family, he's pretty daring I think.
   A while back I asked him why he invested all that money, he said "We'll do it together, right?" I was just lucky in my own way ♥. So at the time we set Rady up, all the staff members were friends or juniors of Shuu. And even though I was the designer of Rady, the one making the general decisions and doing the management behind the scenes, that was all Shuu. That took our emotions by flight I think.
   Back in the day, we would have serious fights 24/7, at home and at work. We'd stop talking and then the plates and cups came flying through the room (laughs). We were too focussed on eachother and we clashed. When I wrote about Shuu in Ageha, I wrote "I could just kill him". From that time on the plates in my house were replaced by plastic bags (laughs).
   But now I think, because we experienced the good and the bad times together, we've got a strong bond. And, Shuu doesn't give me compliments or spoil me. But I think that's what helped create the me I am now. I certainly can't go out with a guy that just approaches me because I do modelling. But until now, I've been working hard, putting effort into my makeup to appeal to this guy. When I'm near someone that I like, and I'm trying hard, I want the person to think they'd go out with me. Even if they don't take the words in their mouth, I want them to think I'm cute, and that part of me was my motivation ♥.
   This year we've been dating for 8 years, but he hasn't once called me by my name. It's ususally just "hey" or "you" or "little shit" (laughs). He doesn't praise me, he doesn't call me by my name, he doesn't even tell me he loves me. But I personaly just think it's because he knows we understand eachother anyway ♥.
   That's Shuu and me. We're getting married ♥. He didn't especially propose or anything, but we're just going with the flow. If I was a normal girl I would have wanted a proper proposal. But if I would say something about that, he'd definitely just say "Shut up, ugly." (laughs).  Because he's that kind of person ♥.  After these last 8 years since the first day we started dating, I said "let's get married" for 1 week like 20,000 times, until it got so irritating, and it finally paid off ♥. If I wouldn't have encountered Shuu and Ageha, I wouldn't have had Rady, I wouldn't have the me I am now. I never did believe in faith, but maybe it does exist.


So the basic point is she had a lot of help from her boyfriend in achieving her goals, and she's marrying him even though he's not the affectionate type...and she tries hard to look pretty for him..well it could all be much worse right? I think nothing human is strange to her. I wish her a lot of luck and I still think she did achieve a lot and worked hard to get this far.

This was the last of the interview series so let me know how you feel about the whole thing, like I said before, it might not be fair to forget the previous parts of the interview so if you haven't checked those out yet, I hope you'll read those too :)

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