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Shizuka Mutou: Future/Final interview Pt. 1 (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

Alright, starting the massive interview now! It's more like a monologue actually~
I've quite enjoyed writing it, and I'm trying to make a little more free translation, less technically correct but more...feeling stuff, that also sounds nice in English and it's more satisfying to do. Let me know what you think :)

I've broken it up in two parts. This one is a little touching and more serious whereas most of the stuff Shizuka wrote so far was pretty happy and funny, this shows just how serious she really is I think.

Because this is really the last time...
From now I'll tell you everything about Ageha and about love.

Thank you for supporting me until now. After Graduation comes Marriage.
I want to walk the road that I believe in.

About the things that made me have dreams: Ageha and Rady

     I told you this before, but Ageha was a very important place for me, as a simple gyaru. At times I thought "boriiiing" or "that cameraman makes me sick", and to be honest there were things I hated, but looking back I can sum it up in one word: fun. Even though I didn't become a model thinking "I want to become famous as a model"  but simply thinking "Oh that's fun", I was really happy that there were all these readers that supported me. And that becoming the reason for me to start Rady is also something I'm grateful for.
     To be honest, at the time I had just started Rady, I just felt like making a little pocket money off it. Ageha and my other work were my main jobs, and Rady took about 2% of me (Laughs). But that time was a time some of the other models suddenly started doing apparel and became company directors and stuff. At that time the serious part of me started to be all earnest too. I thought "I'll definitely make Rady famous once!". And then I thought, I have to be a wonderful woman that's admired by all, or else my brand wouldn't succeed, right? Who would wear a brand made by a serious gyaru with no substance, riiiight~? (Laughs).
     Though, years ago when the genre "Agejo"  became common, was a time we were showered in attention. It was like: "I was called by Mr./Mrs.X, so let's go party!!". Even though you could say I'm not the type that loves getting attention,  being popular doesn't last forever you know. While the popularity lasted, I felt I had to think about what I was going to do next. So, when everyone was out playing and having fun, I usually didn't go, you know...  Because even though I was doing it half-assed, I didn't feel my apparell work was going to succeed and I just didn't feel like going out to party. Though truthfully, at times I've thought "That looks nice, all of them having fun", and to be fair I was jealous. I thought aout going out too and partying like crazy, but I endured it. And on that note, at the time I was reading Naruto, and Naruto's slogan "Don't stray off your own path!!" kind of hit me, and I didn't stray off my own path either (Laughs).
       But I think if I would have given in to partying at that time, now Rady wouldn't have existed, so I'm glad things turned out this way ♥. Because while I was working for Ageha, I found my next dream, maybe that's why I'm happy now, right.

I don't want to keep blabbering on about my goals ♥ If I have time for talking, I feel like it might be more efficient to be drawing a design ♥

     The reason I originally started Rady was because I designed roomwear that my boyfriend would think is cute. We started with all amateurs and had done nothing in the apparel industry before so everything we did was hard. We were only a small group of people so I helped out dispatching the goods and stuff, you know. So at first I was the taking-care-of-design-and-dispatch kind of person (Laughs).
     If I'm delivering it with that mori-hair and stuff, you'll take it right? But well, I made too many mistakes there (Charlotte: At the delivery department I think), so they threw me out right away (Laughs). At that time we didn't have anything we were great at, we couldn't do anything. But I feel like, because we dedicated our sleeping time and leasure time all to Rady, we came this far I think.
    At the start, I got lots of complaints from the people around me (Family etc). We were all young, in our early twenties, and I was told stuff like a brand designed by a model is destined to fail. But in turn I felt like, "what are you saying grandpa? (Laughs). But being told those things by the people, I felt like, we're not there yet, let's create a brand that's said to be great, by everyone, you know ♥.
     Up to now, there's been difficult things too, but it seems we've had very good luck, we've come all this way. The thing that started as my little brand, now became the Rady that many customers love, and as a brand it became very big...I'm really glad we did it. Even I didn't expect it to go in this pace, I guess it feels like dreaming.
     And for now, I'm dreaming of opening a shop overseas. My ideal is Hawaii ♥. It doesn't really have a specific meaning, but just that I wanna go with the fact brands from Hawaii are cool (Laughs). But it seems the people from the company want to try opening a shop in Hong Kong. If you ask them for the reason, it seems to be because the food is good in Hong Kong (Laughs). So the reasons are things like that, right? &heart; There's often people that ask, if you're opening a shop overseas, where would that be? But stuff like that, I don't knoooow ♥. We'll open it in a street we like, that's all.
     There's many people that say it's better to talk about your dreams and plans, but I don't think stuff like that you know~. I feel like, I don't really mind, eitherway is fine. If you've got that much time to talk, it's quicker to just start drawing a design right? I think so.
     Things I recently think about in private, is to live a glamorous life like in Gossip Girl ♪. But those girls are heiresses, and I'm just an ordinary girl, so I aim to attain that lifestyle by my own hard work. And as I recently idolize gossip girl a little too much, I bought a condo ♥. If you don't buy it, you can't take down the walls and do the interior finishing (wallpaper etc), right? It's kind of like a reward for the hard work I've done here these past years. Off course I didn't buy it alone though. From now I'll choose cute wallpaper and use marble and stuff to make my ideal room ♥. Lately it's been super fun to think about that, but it'll take a little more time to complete it. I'll call my friends and throw a house-party and we'll pretend we're in gossip girl ♥. If one day Rady will have stores overseas and my home is like in Gossip Girl, that would be perfect ♥.


So I've cut it here for this time, it's about 2/3rd of the interview/monologue and I'll do the rest next week or so. That part is more about her personal life with her boyfriend and stuff. But that's about half as much as this one.
I'm not cutting it because I can't translate it at once (Maybe I couldn't but then, I could just finish the post later and post it then) but because I think it's getting long and it's more easily accessible if it's a little shorter. More easy to read right?

So next week will be the last chunk of it ;~; kind of sad isn't it?

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