maandag 20 januari 2014

Recommendations in Kyoto: Pink Latte

Ok, so I've lived in Kyoto for nearly a year now, and I've been introduced to the city before when Rox lived here! So I know my way around, but at the same time I'm still a total stranger to the city aswel..

I don't think there's a lot of interest in tips for gyaru stuff and tourism in Kyoto, but as these shops have fun concepts I want to show some pictures :) it's more about the architecture and stuff than the actual goods they sell, as it's not appropriate to take pictures inside shops anyway.

First I wanted to introduce Pink Latte, this shop isn't something new, they have a shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, Tokyo, and they aim young girls, elementary and middle-school age, I think. The store is divided in an apparel section and just...cute goods section, with stationary, phone-accessories, make-up items and cute character goods.

This is the front of the store, the cute goods section. This part is situated on the shopping-arcade Shin-kyogoku (this is a street parallel to Teramachi shopping-arcade and Kawaramachi street and runs between Shijo and Sanjo streets, for those of you who are trying to find the store during their visit).

Passing by the train-shaped shop will lead you to a little street behind Shin-kyogoku where the apparel section is stationed!

So this! Isn't it super cute?! It's a pink colored..traditional-shaped house! I feel like this is possible because it's Kyoto and they just have a lot more space to build stuff.. But the Tokyo Pink Latte actually has a plane in the store so I guess..they just have a cute way of drawing you in~

Pink Latte has a website, for those of you who want to check it out : Pink Latte Website 
They have an online shop too and if you've visiting Japan you can check where the stores are located.

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