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Shizuka Mutou: Future/Final interview pt. 2 (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

Alright so, I've gotten to translating the last bit of the interview series with Shizuka Mutou in Februari's Ageha. It's a bit different from the past one again focussing more on her lovelife and containing a bit of a "shocking revelation"... well maybe not that bad but a little. 

I recommend reading this remembering part one of this interview, to get the whole picture of her life.
And if you're interested look back at the other interviews.

So no more chatting, on to the translation!

If I write this you might get mad with me so I didn't write it until now. But because it's the last time, I'll write it down and get ready for the blow.

My boyfriend Shuu and I started dating when I was 18 and he was 21. As we were dating, we started living together too, but I'm an indoorsy person, so I was in the house often. Shuu however is always out and about, he comes home late and where he goes is a mystery... I sat and waited at home all the time.
   And at that moment it hit me, if I wear sweatshirts at home all the time, of course he'd get bored with me, and I wondered whether, if I wear cute roomwear he might come home sooner. And it suddenly clicked, if I would wear roomwear that's a little sexy, he won't see anything but me ♥. Well, I don't know how it really worked out but yeah (Laughs). The things I thought at that time, the feeling that I wanted to be cute at home.....that's linked to Rady's brand concept: "For the you that wants to become cute."
   Because cute roomwear wasn't sold anywhere, I designed it myself and made it, and then when I uploaded it on my blog many people said they wanted to have it too. That's how I made a brand with roomwear as the main focus. I was asked by other apparel companies to come design for them, but I wasn't interested. At that time, Shuu had quite some money even though he was young. So he said, "you should make an apparel brand, do it right now, it's alright", that's what he said! He said "I've got up to 20,000,000 yen" (about 16~180,000 Euros). Thinking about it now, he invested that kind of fortune, even though I didn't have any experience in the apparel industry, right? He's not just some spoiled boy from a well-off family, he's pretty daring I think.
   A while back I asked him why he invested all that money, he said "We'll do it together, right?" I was just lucky in my own way ♥. So at the time we set Rady up, all the staff members were friends or juniors of Shuu. And even though I was the designer of Rady, the one making the general decisions and doing the management behind the scenes, that was all Shuu. That took our emotions by flight I think.
   Back in the day, we would have serious fights 24/7, at home and at work. We'd stop talking and then the plates and cups came flying through the room (laughs). We were too focussed on eachother and we clashed. When I wrote about Shuu in Ageha, I wrote "I could just kill him". From that time on the plates in my house were replaced by plastic bags (laughs).
   But now I think, because we experienced the good and the bad times together, we've got a strong bond. And, Shuu doesn't give me compliments or spoil me. But I think that's what helped create the me I am now. I certainly can't go out with a guy that just approaches me because I do modelling. But until now, I've been working hard, putting effort into my makeup to appeal to this guy. When I'm near someone that I like, and I'm trying hard, I want the person to think they'd go out with me. Even if they don't take the words in their mouth, I want them to think I'm cute, and that part of me was my motivation ♥.
   This year we've been dating for 8 years, but he hasn't once called me by my name. It's ususally just "hey" or "you" or "little shit" (laughs). He doesn't praise me, he doesn't call me by my name, he doesn't even tell me he loves me. But I personaly just think it's because he knows we understand eachother anyway ♥.
   That's Shuu and me. We're getting married ♥. He didn't especially propose or anything, but we're just going with the flow. If I was a normal girl I would have wanted a proper proposal. But if I would say something about that, he'd definitely just say "Shut up, ugly." (laughs).  Because he's that kind of person ♥.  After these last 8 years since the first day we started dating, I said "let's get married" for 1 week like 20,000 times, until it got so irritating, and it finally paid off ♥. If I wouldn't have encountered Shuu and Ageha, I wouldn't have had Rady, I wouldn't have the me I am now. I never did believe in faith, but maybe it does exist.


So the basic point is she had a lot of help from her boyfriend in achieving her goals, and she's marrying him even though he's not the affectionate type...and she tries hard to look pretty for him..well it could all be much worse right? I think nothing human is strange to her. I wish her a lot of luck and I still think she did achieve a lot and worked hard to get this far.

This was the last of the interview series so let me know how you feel about the whole thing, like I said before, it might not be fair to forget the previous parts of the interview so if you haven't checked those out yet, I hope you'll read those too :)

maandag 27 januari 2014

Recommendations in Kyoto: Outlet Lennon in Shin-kyogoku (somewhat urgent!)

This is actually a urgent and very short post, but this is what I wanted to do with my blog when I just started it, so it's a little nostalgic! I'm going to recommend a store to you where I want you to go ASAP, if you're in the condition to go. Because I saw things that I can't buy right now, but I hope someone else can enjoy those things in my stead! I'm talking about this store, called Lennon (I couldn't find a page online but it seems there's a store called John in Osaka)


This is a store on Kyoto's Shin-kyogoku shopping arcade (paralel to Kawaramachi and Teramachi shopping arcade). It's near Olive des Olives, which you can't miss if you happen to walk there, between kyomiyage and La Musee.
I't's a small store with an ever changing inventory, sometimes it's super incoherent and sometimes they have complete collections from one brand...why? Because they're an outlet store! And right now they're selling a lot of items from earlier collections from Lip-Service, some stuff goes back to 2009 if I remember it correctly, so that's pretty oldskool Agejo they have going on right now! And all about 525 yen!!! YES anything off the Lip-Service rack is 525 yen...that's like what? 5 dollars, 4 euros? Idk

The things were from several seasons but this was the most prominent style:
 photo himestyle.jpg

They had a few pieces of this exact dress in different colors.

I would have bought like 10 pieces myself but as my style changed a lot and I wouldn't feel comfortable in it anymore, I just bought one pair of leopard shorts...though I regret not buying the pants in that printed-style... ugh.... I should have known I would regret it, if I get to go back like next week I expect much of this stuff will be gone so you've got to be quick~!!!

They also had shoes standing around, so if you are into oldskool Agejo and you're in Kyoto for some reason, I WANT YOU TO GO TO THAT STORE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING..Please

They also have adorable pieces from Lilidia hanging right now, those prices vary from 1050 yen to 4200 yen or so~
And adorable shoes from Rojita (or was it Ingni?), pink suede booties with golden toes...
I wanted them so bad but they only had m-size ;~;
Who knows what they might have next?! Especially in/right after the sales~

If you happen to be in Kyoto any time, this store is super worth checking out~~

vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Sponsored review: Cute skirt from Rosegal.com

Today I'm reviewing this cute skirt I got from Rosegal.com!!

This is the first time I'm doing an apparel review so I don't know exactly how to go about it but I'll introduce the store to you and I've got a few coordinates with this skirt :)

So Rosegal is a store that combines vintage-style fashion and cute asian fashion. Which leads to a lot of cute pieces that fit in the retro trends we've been having the last few years. But there's also a lot of other things like sexy clubbing dresses and cute accessories, plus it's for a very good price in my opinion!

Some of the items have different sizes (I've seen some go up to 2XL, but considering the chart tells me I'm XL that's not too big), some only have s or m, and some say one-size. They also have a plus-size section with mostly cute rockabilly inspired dresses. I think the plus-size section might be the most vintage-y.

I had good communication with the representative, she was kind and always replied quick. The item arrived in about 3 weeks to my home in Japan, and the item was wrapped in plastic and completely as expected. The original price of the item is about 10 $, and there's lots of cute items under 20 $, there's not a lot of items over 30 $ actually.

So this is a close-up of the skirt:

I generally like pencil skirts and tight skirts, actually any tight bottoms, and I fell for the design on this skirt :)
It's a stretchy fabric so I was scared I would make the print look weird if the size was off but that worked out fine in the end!

I love how the solid color flowy top goes with the printed skirt too :)
So the rundown for this look:
Tights: Uniqlo
Hat: Mikazuki Momoko
Necklace: F21
Bracelet: Spinns
Shoes: Jane Norman

This next one is a little more active looking coord with the blazer...magic blazer!

Because of the orangy detail on the print it's easy to coordinate with warm colors.
Rundown for this look:
Skirt: Sexy retro pattern, slimming stretch skirt from Rosegal.com
Jacket: Spinns
Top: H&M
Tights: Uniqlo
Hat: Mikazuki Momoko
Necklace: Hema
Bag: A shop in Kitaoji Town
Boots: Zara

 I tried to coordinate it into a more laid-back look this time, with a warm sweater and warm shoes too.

I think this sweater is a liiiittle too...flashy to go with the skirt, but somehow I still kind of like it..
So the rundown for this one:
Skirt: Sexy retro pattern, slimming stretch skirt from Rosegal.com
Sweater: Spinns outlet
Necklace: River Island
Shoes: Spinns

To get out of the warm-tinted stuff I eventually went for this look, a little more festive and I wore it to the closing ceremony at school!

The skirt is definitely too short and sexy for a formal coord, but the event wasn't really formal...the dresscode was "just try not to wear jeans". I think I aced that~
The black on the skirt goes well with the black blouse and it's a lot calmer as a coord with all the black and not too much fancy stuff.

Skirt: Sexy retro pattern, slimming stretch skirt from Rosegal.com
Blouse: Karen Millen
Necklace: Paris Kids'
Shoes: Jane Norman

I totally forgot to take a picture of the back of the skirt! The back of the skirt is actually black, which might be for the best because you wouldn't want a print stretched all weird over your butt..

I really love the item, and I hope to show you more coordinates with this one, in spring aswel when it gets a little warmer~

I really recommend you check out Rosegal.com, they have very cute items in all different styles and the prices really are good~

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Recommendations in Kyoto: Pink Latte

Ok, so I've lived in Kyoto for nearly a year now, and I've been introduced to the city before when Rox lived here! So I know my way around, but at the same time I'm still a total stranger to the city aswel..

I don't think there's a lot of interest in tips for gyaru stuff and tourism in Kyoto, but as these shops have fun concepts I want to show some pictures :) it's more about the architecture and stuff than the actual goods they sell, as it's not appropriate to take pictures inside shops anyway.

First I wanted to introduce Pink Latte, this shop isn't something new, they have a shop on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, Tokyo, and they aim young girls, elementary and middle-school age, I think. The store is divided in an apparel section and just...cute goods section, with stationary, phone-accessories, make-up items and cute character goods.

This is the front of the store, the cute goods section. This part is situated on the shopping-arcade Shin-kyogoku (this is a street parallel to Teramachi shopping-arcade and Kawaramachi street and runs between Shijo and Sanjo streets, for those of you who are trying to find the store during their visit).

Passing by the train-shaped shop will lead you to a little street behind Shin-kyogoku where the apparel section is stationed!

So this! Isn't it super cute?! It's a pink colored..traditional-shaped house! I feel like this is possible because it's Kyoto and they just have a lot more space to build stuff.. But the Tokyo Pink Latte actually has a plane in the store so I guess..they just have a cute way of drawing you in~

Pink Latte has a website, for those of you who want to check it out : Pink Latte Website 
They have an online shop too and if you've visiting Japan you can check where the stores are located.

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Shizuka Mutou: Future/Final interview Pt. 1 (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

Alright, starting the massive interview now! It's more like a monologue actually~
I've quite enjoyed writing it, and I'm trying to make a little more free translation, less technically correct but more...feeling stuff, that also sounds nice in English and it's more satisfying to do. Let me know what you think :)

I've broken it up in two parts. This one is a little touching and more serious whereas most of the stuff Shizuka wrote so far was pretty happy and funny, this shows just how serious she really is I think.

Because this is really the last time...
From now I'll tell you everything about Ageha and about love.

Thank you for supporting me until now. After Graduation comes Marriage.
I want to walk the road that I believe in.

About the things that made me have dreams: Ageha and Rady

     I told you this before, but Ageha was a very important place for me, as a simple gyaru. At times I thought "boriiiing" or "that cameraman makes me sick", and to be honest there were things I hated, but looking back I can sum it up in one word: fun. Even though I didn't become a model thinking "I want to become famous as a model"  but simply thinking "Oh that's fun", I was really happy that there were all these readers that supported me. And that becoming the reason for me to start Rady is also something I'm grateful for.
     To be honest, at the time I had just started Rady, I just felt like making a little pocket money off it. Ageha and my other work were my main jobs, and Rady took about 2% of me (Laughs). But that time was a time some of the other models suddenly started doing apparel and became company directors and stuff. At that time the serious part of me started to be all earnest too. I thought "I'll definitely make Rady famous once!". And then I thought, I have to be a wonderful woman that's admired by all, or else my brand wouldn't succeed, right? Who would wear a brand made by a serious gyaru with no substance, riiiight~? (Laughs).
     Though, years ago when the genre "Agejo"  became common, was a time we were showered in attention. It was like: "I was called by Mr./Mrs.X, so let's go party!!". Even though you could say I'm not the type that loves getting attention,  being popular doesn't last forever you know. While the popularity lasted, I felt I had to think about what I was going to do next. So, when everyone was out playing and having fun, I usually didn't go, you know...  Because even though I was doing it half-assed, I didn't feel my apparell work was going to succeed and I just didn't feel like going out to party. Though truthfully, at times I've thought "That looks nice, all of them having fun", and to be fair I was jealous. I thought aout going out too and partying like crazy, but I endured it. And on that note, at the time I was reading Naruto, and Naruto's slogan "Don't stray off your own path!!" kind of hit me, and I didn't stray off my own path either (Laughs).
       But I think if I would have given in to partying at that time, now Rady wouldn't have existed, so I'm glad things turned out this way ♥. Because while I was working for Ageha, I found my next dream, maybe that's why I'm happy now, right.

I don't want to keep blabbering on about my goals ♥ If I have time for talking, I feel like it might be more efficient to be drawing a design ♥

     The reason I originally started Rady was because I designed roomwear that my boyfriend would think is cute. We started with all amateurs and had done nothing in the apparel industry before so everything we did was hard. We were only a small group of people so I helped out dispatching the goods and stuff, you know. So at first I was the taking-care-of-design-and-dispatch kind of person (Laughs).
     If I'm delivering it with that mori-hair and stuff, you'll take it right? But well, I made too many mistakes there (Charlotte: At the delivery department I think), so they threw me out right away (Laughs). At that time we didn't have anything we were great at, we couldn't do anything. But I feel like, because we dedicated our sleeping time and leasure time all to Rady, we came this far I think.
    At the start, I got lots of complaints from the people around me (Family etc). We were all young, in our early twenties, and I was told stuff like a brand designed by a model is destined to fail. But in turn I felt like, "what are you saying grandpa? (Laughs). But being told those things by the people, I felt like, we're not there yet, let's create a brand that's said to be great, by everyone, you know ♥.
     Up to now, there's been difficult things too, but it seems we've had very good luck, we've come all this way. The thing that started as my little brand, now became the Rady that many customers love, and as a brand it became very big...I'm really glad we did it. Even I didn't expect it to go in this pace, I guess it feels like dreaming.
     And for now, I'm dreaming of opening a shop overseas. My ideal is Hawaii ♥. It doesn't really have a specific meaning, but just that I wanna go with the fact brands from Hawaii are cool (Laughs). But it seems the people from the company want to try opening a shop in Hong Kong. If you ask them for the reason, it seems to be because the food is good in Hong Kong (Laughs). So the reasons are things like that, right? &heart; There's often people that ask, if you're opening a shop overseas, where would that be? But stuff like that, I don't knoooow ♥. We'll open it in a street we like, that's all.
     There's many people that say it's better to talk about your dreams and plans, but I don't think stuff like that you know~. I feel like, I don't really mind, eitherway is fine. If you've got that much time to talk, it's quicker to just start drawing a design right? I think so.
     Things I recently think about in private, is to live a glamorous life like in Gossip Girl ♪. But those girls are heiresses, and I'm just an ordinary girl, so I aim to attain that lifestyle by my own hard work. And as I recently idolize gossip girl a little too much, I bought a condo ♥. If you don't buy it, you can't take down the walls and do the interior finishing (wallpaper etc), right? It's kind of like a reward for the hard work I've done here these past years. Off course I didn't buy it alone though. From now I'll choose cute wallpaper and use marble and stuff to make my ideal room ♥. Lately it's been super fun to think about that, but it'll take a little more time to complete it. I'll call my friends and throw a house-party and we'll pretend we're in gossip girl ♥. If one day Rady will have stores overseas and my home is like in Gossip Girl, that would be perfect ♥.


So I've cut it here for this time, it's about 2/3rd of the interview/monologue and I'll do the rest next week or so. That part is more about her personal life with her boyfriend and stuff. But that's about half as much as this one.
I'm not cutting it because I can't translate it at once (Maybe I couldn't but then, I could just finish the post later and post it then) but because I think it's getting long and it's more easily accessible if it's a little shorter. More easy to read right?

So next week will be the last chunk of it ;~; kind of sad isn't it?

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Shizuka Mutou: present (Translation from Ageha 2-2014)

So this is a translation of the short interview with Shizuka, more like a short Q&A for fun, about the present.
Next week I'll start translating the long interview about the future and the possible marriage (?!!!) that lies in the futureeeee~ 

1. Q. All this time you haven't told us but, what's the income of our blunt Shizuka?
A. Huh?! Well, because it's the last time, it's ok. If it's my annual income, well it's not a hundred million yen (roughly about a 9 hundred thousand € at the current exchange rate) but...weeell, something like that I think ;D

2. Q. You have a luxurious image but...what kind of sense of (monetary) value have you got?
A. Surprisingly normal I think. I eat convenience store bento all the time and if I don't pay my bills, they'll cut off the water -.-; Sometimes I don't even have 1000 yen on me (abt 9 €)

3. Q. How much money do you spend in a week?
This week I didn't spend much more than the taxi fare I think. And other than that, I pay when I go for dinner with the girls from staff so at most I think a hundred thousand yen (about 900 €).

4. Q. What, in Shizuka's wardrobe, has cost the most?
A. Obviously it's the Hermes Birkin bag :3 I'm thinking about buying myself a Harry Winston watch as a Christmas present this year (2013).

5. Q. What's your daily schedule like?
A. On weekdays we have a design meeting at 13:30 and I go home at about 21:00. And at night I'm bossed around by Shuu, like he sends me to the convenience store to get beer, hahaha. I'm running around at home ♥

6. Q. Tell us about the best date of your life ♥
Without a doubt, Las Vegas ☆ the streets sparkle and it's gorgeous, it's like the world in the movies! We went to a high class restaurant and it was too much, I don't really know about the taste of the food, and I got lost in the atmosphere, my hands were shaking and I couldn't eat -.-;;

7. Q. Your dream when you were little?
A. From when I was in kindergarten, my dream was to be a kogyaru ♥ I admired Namie Amuro. Like "when I grow up I want to wear a Hibiscus on my heaaad!" My dream came true right?

8. Q. What kind of house do you live in?
A. As a reward for working so hard all these years, I bought a mansion together with Shuu. From now on we're going to decorate it into a gorgeous room like in Gossip Girl ☆

9. Q. What kind of kid were you when you were little?
A.  When I say it, for some reason people laugh but, I was raised in Kamakura. I went to a kindergarten in a temple and the teachers were all monks. I thought "When men grow up, they all become monks" :3 We celebrated the birthday of the great Buddha and stuff ☆

10. Q. Tell us the history of Rady.
A.  In the beginning I didn't think I'd be doing this professionally at all, it started with one piece of room wear I made because I wanted Shuu to think I was cute ♥

So that's it for this one, now there's no way around it, I've got to start translating the monster interview..might separate it in 2 bits but anyway...the warming-up is definitely over TT^TT

woensdag 8 januari 2014

Two-and-a-half wintery but not too wintery coordinates.

This was a recent look for going to the temple in the new year.. I had actually planned on this look months ahead, as it was originally meant for a meetup that took place in Tokyo before the new year. But I couldn't attend afterall :( 
Social events are a great motivator to try look good, I think it might be the motivation I've been missing..

Top: Wego
Skort: Egoist
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: F21
Earrings and pinky ring: Mikazuki Momoko
Rings: H&M
Bracelet: Accesorize

This one was from a while back when I went to Kobe to see the pretty Christmas illuminations, but due to circumstance I actually had to give up on the make-up and hair before I even left the house :(
At least we've still got the pictures~

Top: H&M
Pants: Shoo-la-rue
Shoes: a lovely lovely gift
Necklace: F21

This one was when I went out to study at Starbucks..I just try to look nice to feel nice lately, and it works!!

Coat: WE
Dress: Primark
Scarf: Spinns
Necklace: Paris Kids'
Belt: Mikazuki Momoko
I'm wearing red tights from Uniqlo and a camel cardigan from Old Navy but they're hardly visible in this shot~

I like this style and I think I want to keep traveling down this road, maybe a little more festive once every now and then :) Because I admit it's very toned down and a little dull maybe..But I like it, what can I say~

zondag 5 januari 2014

Shizuka Mutou: Past (Translation from Ageha 2014-2)

I've divided the article into the cover page and past, as the "past" was mostly a bunch of pictures of which I'm not translating all the descriptions, I'll choose some highlights for you.

The present is a short Q&A, I will post that separately.

The long interview is part of the "future" part of the article and I will translate it later like next week or later because I have exams and stuff coming so I'm actually quite busy~ I'll write it though :) I hope I won't have to keep you waiting for too long~

So this is really the final appearance of Shizuka in Ageha, in 2014 she will not be part of the magazine anymore.

The cover page:

It's been 3 months since she announced her graduation. This month Shizuka is really taking off on her journey.

For the last time, we will ask for Shizuka's thoughts, divided in "past", "present" and "future".

Please take the last message from Shizuka who's continuing down a new road.

Shizuka Mutou, graduation and then marriage to a person she loves.

This time it's really goodbye. Thank you so much for everything so far.

In this issue, she will close her 8 years as an Ageha model. There were fun things and hardships but beside that, there was always Ageha. This is the last part of her graduation project, in which she thanks all of you for your support.


The Shizuka of the present exists because of the past.

Let's look back remembering the history of Shizuka so far.

Because she came out in Ageha since before Ageha was a monthly publication, we have tons of memories ♥
We also had Shizuka pick up some memorable moments herself ★
Things that were hard make good memories too ♥

Highlights picked by Charlotte (because a lot of this was pointless IMO, looking back at past photoshoots and articles..I chose the most exciting events for each year):

make-up took 2 hours
Memories with granny
Being at the launch event for the video game Ryu ga Gotoku (a Yakuza game featuring some Ageha models as hostesses)
Appeared on SmapxSmap and had KimuTaku do Agejo style.
    But she couldn't even remember the simple lines, and wanted to go home!
The time she walked Tokyo Girls'  Collection and couldn't walk well
    At the time all the girls from Ageha had to walk Tokyo Girls' Collection. But it was hard to walk as she usually doesn't walk (really?)
(I tried to look for a video of this all over the internet but no luck so far D: I know it was there before!)
Promoting pachinko (I wrote a not so impressive post about it before, but fun for the pictures~ Here )
Coming home in the morning, as a night-person.

So this was the easy part...Next will be a Q&A about her present, which I will basicly translate when I have time.. Looking forward to it :)