dinsdag 17 december 2013

Year's overview in outfits (sept-dec 2012)

So I've been away from this blog for a while before I tried coming back. But some of you might be interested in knowing what I had been up to and it helps for me too to line up the events and what happened to my style..as this is a style blog.
So under the motto of summarizing the year, I'm starting from last year September, when I stopped blogging, and I'll mostly share outfit shots with some explanation of the events :)
Next posts will be more about the actual year, but I thought these pictures actually explained my break well :)

As you know I had several reasons for going away from this blog, one being that I just didn't feel like I fit in with my old style anymore... When I distanced myself from my more plastic Barbie style, I got more interested in this kind of...groundkeeper kind of style, hahaha. You can see it below in my birthday pictures~

The basics are: Messy hair (not always intentionally), high waist pants (or shorts), knit sweaters and the colors black, dark red, dark green and camel.
And most of that actually stuck with me until today!

Another reason was I had gotten older and I've become more mature, and don't feel so comfortable in too flashy and uncomfortable stuff anymore..I have a few pics from the stuff I wore on my birthday parties (2012)!



Around the same time I also received my diploma for my bachelor...I don't think I actually have any pictures of what I wore to the event but the party after with my family I wore this.

As you can see I wore little makeup, I went through half a year wearing very little makeup, even to school and stuff I wouldn't always wear it!

So even when I stopped properly writing this blog for a while I was still involved with Gal VIP, some pictures didn't make it to the mag though so I'm sharing them here. I liked doing it and being part of Gal VIP, but I wanted to break from my image and I didn't want to put effort to look like something I couldn't do anymore. On top of that just...I was very busy and you have no idea how much time and effort goes into a few shots, please realize a loooooot of time is put into Gal VIP by the models, and even more so by the editors, and everyone.. and it's all voluntary~


Then there was one more thing that made me reconsider my style and representation, and I know it's bad but it was...love..I think

I had a secret, and for me earth-shaking, crush (grew into relationship), named M (love that dare not speak it's name much? ;P), that made me reconsider everything about myself. I'm someone that expresses a LOT through fashion, it really is like communication for me and I suddenly had stuff to express that I reallllly didn't know how to.. It's quite disstressing.
And I'm still not done figuring this out...but I think you could say the sharp edges are off the whole matter a little, so I feel more stable and able to just...like what I like and wear what I like~
Also note the pink shade in my hair I had at the time, about one year ago right now :)

In december we went to York, in England and I had a super nice holiday! There was something going on called...Festival of Angels or something, which provided me with the perfect 2 pictures to compare:

 There's nothing to really be said about this..but for the rest of december I have these:

A slightly 2NE1 inspired look for a concert and my Christmas look...still no make-up on that...I was incredibly minimal on the makeup but luckilly I came back from that :P

So after that, 2013 started and it was all about moving to Japan, preparing to do so and actually...doing so..
I don't have too many...very stylish pictures of this year even though I did a sick amount of shopping and I try to look stylish every day...Anyway that's for next week or something :)

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