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Year`s overview in outfits (July-Dec 2013)

I was happy to find out during the last overview post that theres actually more of you interested in that than I thought. So I felt encouraged to finish this :D

these are the previous posts:
Sept-dec 2012
Jan-June 2013

July was the month that things started getting seriously hot outside. I really don`t like the heat and I had been dreading this all year so I was reeeaaally trying to cope, as I slowly gave up my jeans for floral pants and skirts and later, in August, my lovely blazer for a cardigan I could tie around my shoulders (Everyone was doing it, so naturally so should I). But  to be honest I couldn't find any proper pictures of that~

In that time I did have a lot of fun. Because a lot of international students were leaving in August we took the last bit of July and beginning of August to hang out as much as we could in all kinds of places! Japan has lots of events to see in summer :)

I also had some Dutch friends coming around for holidays, one of whom was HYPER`s Elize :3

It`s always nice to see the same place through the eyes of someone else, I also love taking people from outside Amsterdam into the city with me so I can feel like more of a tourist there.

The state of my hair was getting worse and worse. I tied my hair up most the time because of the heat, but because I wasn`t taking good enough care of my nutrition, my hair became very fragile and it`s very broken at the ends and the place may hair band usually sits, it`s so dramatic even the hairdresser can`t really put it straight again..I`m considering a bob when I come back to Amsterdam...because I see no way my hair will ever be pretty again right now...

I also started getting a little excited for fall trends, with gold black and white, I have a lot of stuff I bought in summer that would have been great for fall but I never really used a lot...it`s a pitty.

I spent 2 weeks in Tokyo with my lover.

It was too hot for proper clothing and proper outfit shots guys :/ I've had my lifetime worth of summer this year I think, I seriously don't want summer to come next year, I have no trouble having a cold dutch summer..I would prefer it..

And then I went back to Amsterdam for a few weeks, to see my family, friends and the dentist :/ I've shown you one look from the small meet we had in there before :)

I was happy to be home and see my friends and family. And coming back in September, living abroad was starting to show it`s painful side..

I had one perfect weekend with my lover on my birthday though..it was the most perfect time I had this whole year..

But my closer friends were gone and the only thing keeping me optimistic was the fact my mom would come visit me in October and the time I could spend with my love. But out love didn`t go over roses (This is a dutch expression XD But I can't help myself...I have to write it down hahahaha), and after my mom left in October, the pressure of my environment, academic requirements and love struggles broke me down so hard that I had to admit to myself I needed help.

These are from when my mom was here:
You see October has very fickle weather here~ 

When they left and I was so down, I somehow knew I had to start building my autonomy so I slowly got into blogging again. I`m trying to regain my old hobbies and interests that I threw out thinking these might not represent my personality anymore..I had built myself around only one part of myself, the part that was in love with M. Now I`m trying to come back from that.

What happened since, is mostly stuff I`ve blogged about here. I got closer to my scarce friends here and went to a Halloween party, we went to Kobe and USJ and I learned to enjoy shopping and things by myself, I have more courage.


I`ve met most the student attainment goals in this semester so far and I`ve not been doing so bad anymore.. Sadly my relationship with M withered away..we loved too much I think, well...I know it`s not that romantic, but I don`t need to go into detail.. I just want to have mentioned it, because it was a huge thing for me this year to be together with her, and it`s going to be a huge thing next year not to be together. Guys, I hate being such a..whiney person but I'm just so sad :(

It`s a sad ending to my year, but..I`ll drink to myself this NewYear`s eve, so that next year I`ll regain my authenticity, and learn to be a happy person by myself in this world.

2014 poses a lot of challenges, I`ll graduate from my master and I will have to find a job. I hope to take JLPT N1 and get a certificate for my English proficiency, to aid my job-hunting.. I`m making it a pro-active 2014, it`s time to leave my family`s nest and step into the world.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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