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Year`s overview in outfits (Jan-June 2013)

So the beginning of 2013 I was still very much lost in a struggle with my style resulting in weird things like this:

This was during a gal meet in Dusseldorf in January. I wanted to use the floral piece I had bought the previous summer, but also wanted to wear pants and the green was a fun day but a silly coordinate for me..

January was agenerally weird month as it was very cold, I used the red top again for a newyears reception, and it was just...more sweaters...

In that time, I had to study very hard because my study abroad experience was only half a semester away! So I was studying hard and having a not so smooth time with my lover aswel (it never is smooth) and basicly looking and feeling like shit.

 I did a lens review in March though, you might have seen it, the look was something like this:

 Yes I had the dipdye going on to make myself feel like I was still doing something about my appearance while wearing sweaters sweaters hoodies and sweaters~

 I did paint these cute shoes and in my mind I had some awesome Snowwhite-inspired stuff going on for spring, which I off course never pulled through~

This was the last picture in my home, I don`t even know what I wore it for, maybe a presentation or something..but I was putting effort!!! I was excited!!

 So then I moved to Japan...tantantannnnn. Which has and had some very exciting, aswel as hard moments..
The first few weeks I really got to make some great friends, they were all so cool and caring and I`m so happy I could be part of that with them...

(Having fun with the friends :D)

Sadly many of them were only with me for one semester but that`s material for the next post.

I moved into my home, which then looked something like this:

but I`m a hoarder and it looks much different now, let me share that with you later!!

 I also spent some happy spring days with my lover, but things were going up and down then too.

 I actually tried to look nice and as spring was coming we had hot days and we had cold days, I always tried to look nice, these are the outfits I had planned for the introduction week (never really did pull of the one on the right actually..)

 Excuse the messiness of the picture, it was never meant to go public but I thought it was funny so I`m putting it up anyway.

My study-life became a lot more relaxed then, and I was hanging out with my friends a lot. This is what I wore on the party for closing the introduction week.

And as spring was in the air these pink and camel blazers came in style and I had to have one and use it every day!!!! Use the blazer every day!

That blazer saved my fashion life, I swear~ I started feeling more like shopping once I bought that..And luckilly I had an AMAZING friend to shop with, it was heaven

 But it was getting warmer and warmer, so I had to tone it down a bit with this cardigan:

 I love it but I wish it was a little darker beige or camel, I don`t know very well what to wear it with (flatteringly), and it`s too cold to use it now but I`ll give it a second chance next summer :)

 I want to cut it off here because it`s already quite long, and I`ve noticed these posts aren`t very popular, but I`m doing it because I like it so still fine, just saving those few dedicated friends that want to see it to the end.

Next post should be shorter as I`ve posted some more here again might be some more text about having a great time, the greatest time, in late July early August, and falling down since August hitting a low in November :3 Happy times, excuse my sarcasm~

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