vrijdag 20 december 2013

USJ Christmas 2013 (pic heavy)

So in early December on a Thursday my friend and I had planned to go to Universal Studios Japan. Some of you might have already seen that on my FB actually :)
It's a themepark in Osaka, it's not too big in my opinion, but they have quite some really nice rides and shows :) I like themeparks but I'm not good at waiting and I think there's a lot of other fun things you can do when you're abroad, like shopping~  But we went there to see the Christmas theme they were doing! So it was a little special

I'm basicly just gonna show you some pictures of the themepark.. and the shows :) Just for fun~ 

Here I met Ernie, and we matched well!

Cute decorations! 

Santa's Toy March:

Cookiemonster and Bert

Funky dancing Elmo Santa
These dancing girl toy soldiers were sooooo adorable!!!!! Their wigs and makeup were so cute too! I was contantly looking at them :D

There was a photo moment but everyone rushed around and I didn't manage to squeeze in anywhere

Snoopy's wonderland:

Gingerbread figures

I met Charlie Brown :) I thought it was funny because some people call me Charlie...But less, since I went to uni people don't say it too much anymore~

Hello Kitty's museum!!!!!!! 

I'm gonna upload all the pics from in there :P 

We met Kitty! I was sad I didn't dress up more...but I think comfort wear is the dresscode in themeparks actually~  That's how I feel about it~ 

This was a pretty sign..that's all~ 

And getting eaten by sharks (Jaws) and dinosaurs (Jurassic Park)

The Christmas musical show: 

I don't remember what it was called~ 
They completely changed the look of the square with projections~ It was quite ingenious~ 

The tree lights they lit in that moment :)

Magical Starlight Parade: 

(I had some more pics but I took them with my friend's camera and she only sent me these~ 

So it was a very fun experience! They don't have super scary rollercoasters if that's what you were looking for, but they have very exciting fun kind of rides, it's not just dropping from great heights and stuff but more like entertaining your senses~ It was really great :D I'm happy I went :)

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