maandag 30 december 2013

Shizuka: Graduation and then...Marriage?!

This is not going to be an awfully long post as I don't have time for translating the interviews and stuff right away, I just wanted to share this cover with you.

The February 2014 issue of Ageha is the last issue Shizuka Mutou will appear in. The issue starts off with a 6 page spread about Shizuka's past, present and future. And a plot twist: she will be getting married to a person that means a lot to her...hmmmm

I was a little disappointed, as all the models always do that, shotgun wedding, pop out babies and stuff~
BUT, I didn't read te article yet and I don't know whether she already planned to marry or it's just a future dream or something...I'll look at it the first week of the new year and if there's interest I can post some translations, but it will be time consuming so I won't be as quick as last time...6 page spread guys..omg...I'm kind of excited to read it..And scared

I was a little sad the furoku (little gift that comes with the issue) wasn't a Rady collab, it's Lip Service~ I'm really sick of paying over 700 yen for this mag just because they contain another makeup pouch every month :/ New Year's resolution: Don't buy anymore mags with furoku in them~ 

Anyway let me know if you would be interested in seeing more translations on this spread. 
And what are your feelings about Shizuka getting married (afterall)?!!

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