donderdag 26 december 2013

My home :3

Hey guys, so it`s not a lot but I wanted to show some pics of my house..the new year is coming and that will be a year of which I spend most time back in Amsterdam again..
I`ve lived here for more than 9 months now and my house became a warm place for me. Right now it`s decorated for the Holidays and I`ll keep most of that until I leave, just to cheer me up.

This is the side of my bed. Above the bed I have 2 posters of Amsterdam, and later I posted an advent calendar there too but it keeps falling down. I can`t use pins to hang posters up and the wallpaper is a rough sandy texture so it`s hard to post things up, which is sad for me as I love having my walls covered with things.

The white blanket and Matryoshka water bottle were borrowed from my lover so I felt I had to return them when we broke up last week.. But she sent them back because she doesn't want me to be cold, so I kind of treasure them right now...I'll give them back later..

Right now I have a little Christmas tree at my bedside :)

This is the desk side of my room, with some maps of Kyoto and my schedule..And other stuff..the desk is usually a mess and as my chair is not so comfy I just sit and eat on the bed most of the time.

This is my...what do you call it? Vanity table? It`s actually a computer table they provided with the appartment but I thought I`ll just use it for makeup and accessories~

I started with 2 pouches, one for makeup and one for accessories, but somehow this is what I ended up having... A lot of stuff *hoards*

This is how the room looks from the window side, behind the door is the kitchen, bathroom, toilet...

I`ve got a lot of coats and stuff and shoes there on the right and behind there is my closet with the rest of the clothes.

Then there`s this thingy:

As you can see I have another wig here...I decorate the house with wigs and hats that I hardly ever use so...well I just don`t feel alone~
And some birthday cards and pictures of Amsterdam up there~ :) I love my town..I`m so torn about going back...

Let me add a picture of the showerroom to give an impression

Check out my ducky friends~

And last but certainly not least, the view from my window on different occasions.

It`s nice right? I`m so lucky to have this room on the 5th floor, looking into the mountains..I often get a beautiful sunset as a gift before ending the day.

I`m a little nostalgic writing this, it`s my home but in one year so much happened here and sometimes I feel these walls are owned by memories of others..
I`m proud of my home and happy to share it with you :)
I hope you liked my little tour :)


I'm sharing some more data after moving out, for prospective Ritsu students that are checking out the university provided housing~~
This building is called Kouraku Heights in Kinugasa, Arami-cho, Kyoto (Near Kinkakuji, 5 mins by foot, and Ritsumeikan University, 15 mins). It is NOT a dorm, and there is no communal area, but there ARE other foreign Ritsu students in the building, when I came in we were mostly SKP (short term) students but when I left most of the other students were from Global Studies or something? I made my best friends the day I moved in, meeting the others in the building and a few people that lived in buildings in the neighbourhood, we all moved in on the same day and ended up being friends for the rest of the semester/year.

It was a building affiliated with the university and the contract came from Flat-agency. The rent was about 45,000 yen a month,  electricity, gas, water and internet excluded. The electricity will cost you a lot because the home isn't isolated well so it's cold in the winter and warm in the summer meaning you will have to use the aircon a lot~
Other than that this rent is not bad. My friend who lived in the same neighbourhood paid the same for a house about half the size of this~ (Also let me remind the casual passerby that housing in Japan is expensive and Kyoto isn't far as expensive as Tokyo or Osaka).
The home is furnished, but things like beddings and pots and pans are not provided~
The toilet and bathroom are separate but the shower-cell definitely shows signs of...well..well..I don't know how to put this..."no matter how much you clean it, it looks dirty" kind of thing~

Other issues that are common to Japanese housing (small size, direct sounds from the neighbours, occasional cockroach) apply here too, but overall, it's not a bad place! It's big and close to the university~ If you have any questions about this building you can ask in the comment section :D

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