zondag 1 december 2013

Challenging Brown Lashes.

Sooo, I've finally gotten pictures of a look with these brown eyelashes (and didn't delete them because my memory space was full this time ;P).

After my previous post about Brown False Eyelashes, I was super curious and bought some online.
Why didn't I just buy them in store here? Online is cheaper and I'm not specificly in love with the designs of the brown lashes here actually, but online these looked really nice.

The lashes I got were from here on ebay, and look like this:

I got brown mascara and eyeliner from Dainty Doll, it's Shape-up Little Suzy-brown:

I have 2 make-up looks. I used brown eyeliner for both of them but the eyeliner either doesn't show up on pictures at all or looks black..it's odd.

This was the softest look: with more natural-ish brown lenses. (This picture was taken with room-light).

I don't mind this look too much but the biggest problem was the lashes show up a lot more than the brown eyeliner and mascara do, which made the look very unbalanced in most pictures, I worked it out by applying heavier eyeshadow under my eyes before going to school, but I don't think it shows very much on this picture.

This look is combined with the Princess Mimi lenses I reviewed earlier (This picture was taken in daylight):

(why didn't I cut my eyerows off here...it looks funny)

The fact this picture was taken in daylight is one of the factors attributing to this look being much darker and harder than the previous, but we can't rule out the effect of the bigger lenses with a thick dark ring. And I have the same problem here as in the previous look, the brown eyeliner reflects a lot of light I think, making it...a little invisible..)
I hardly feel I'm wearing brown lashes here, the most it does for me here is...hardly showing up and giving a red-ish shade on my eyelid..

This is the same make-up look but I wanted to see how it went with dark hair:
I thought it would look cuter or show more...that they are brown lashes, because I look less...washed out than I do with my blonde hair. But actually I don't think it looks better or shows more..It's pretty much the same to me~

for comparisson I'm lining these looks up with black make-up looks using the same lenses. The lighting and some of the make-up might be different, like the use of eyeshadow and design of the lashes. But it does provide some comparisson I suppose.

(believe it or not but I'm not actually using a red-ish shade eyeshadow here, I'm using the same products as above)

What I've gotten from this:
  • Brown-eyeliner, maybe there's a better one out there... but it's hard to combine with false lashes at all.
  • Underlashes are more essential than I thought: need brown underlashes to make this stuff work.
  • Brown lashes make your make-up look more red.
  • Brown lashes do provide a softer and more natural look that might go well with a bolder lip colour.
  • But with a slightly unnatural design like this, it's a little hard to balance well (See point 2).

Generally I'm not sure I'll be using this much more often..but I'm not completely giving up yet..I really want it to work out..So the jury is still out~ 

Are you interested/encouraged to try out brown lashes now? Or have I totally put you off it? xD

If you have a brown-eyelash make-up look on your blog, please share it so I can see how it worked out for you! :D

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