vrijdag 13 december 2013

Bland Gal?

So the idea for this post came to me when 3 people in my newsfeed used the term "bland gal". I don't know who is responsible for the term but..it's not me~  I thought this was a new official expression so I went to look for it but it didn't turn up a lot of results..so I guess not

What people are talking about when they say bland gal, is the more toned down looks gal magazines have been trying to sell, like this:

I suppose?

I thought it was time for me to put in my two cents. I'm a hopeless follower of trends so I just go with it without really noticing change..I like the new sort of gal, as I liked the old type aswel..even though I admit it's harder for me to blend in with recent trends, I'll come back to this later.

Two years ago I was writing my thesis about gal style and media representation. Looking back I don't like my thesis very much, but that's because I've continued my education and my standards are higher.
One of my main points was that gal style used to be a lifestyle choice that would remain visible during work hrs etc. While the new type of gal (2007~) was a style that could be appropriated whenever the wearer felt like it, but it could be invisible during school or work hours. This is because the stress on tanning had disappeared, and many people made use of wigs or multiple hair pieces. Gal became a layer that one could take off and put on at any desired time.
But at the same time mainstream Japanese fashion and cosmetic trends became more flashy and gorgeous, and gal style kept taking steps back until now it's hard to tell what is mainstream and what is gal anymore.

I don't know it either...I'm actually glad to wear some more comfortable and less flashy stuff nowadays. I like the mainstream trends for fashion and makeup, but that's just me.
And I guess if there was a little more stress in the mags on the more sexy and flashy gal style,   I too might still feel comfortable with it, who knows? (Even though the change in preference for me was also linked to some personal changes, but maybe I filled this in afterwards..enough about me~).

I won't deny that gal style has taken a blow and slowly sunk into the swamp of the mainstream. But if you want some more outspoken gals to draw inspiration from, they're still there :)
I still feel Egg is pretty outspoken most of the time, but maybe my standards are dropping? Obviously we all have our idols right? Like Himena and Sakurina~~ But there's a little more..

Ageha model Ria is pretty much what I always really liked about Ageha, and she's keeping that old style alive and kicking:

Ria's blog

Amihamu and other gals that take an interest in V-Kei like Kana (she's out on pregnancy leave I think) are also a good lead for a little more extreme gal styles. It has to be your style though~ 

Amihamu's blog                       Kana's blog

Previously, I would never advocate this because I felt it's best to get the basics of gal down before expirimenting but right now I think...you need to just take from gal what you like, whatever is in mags now or was before, you just take the things you like and combine them with other things you like~

I'd like to hear your thoughts, but there's been a lot said about this so you can link me anywhere if you put it down already :)
I'm working on a fun little survey to see how bland you think gal has become :D Hope to have it up sometime next week~

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