woensdag 27 november 2013

QuisQuis Devil's Trick: Temporary hairdye.

Wow so.. that was a bit of a break... I wish I could say life happened but it wasn't life, they were midterms and it looks like the midterms are marching me right into the end of term so I'm going to be a little busy but :( I had some cool topics I still wanted to blog about.
I actually put a lot of effort into a brown lashes make-up look but when I went to see kouyou with my friends and I ran out of camera space I sacrificed those shots ;~;
I'll do it again sometime~

Instead I wanted to make a short review about this temporary hairdye:

It's a dye/hair treatment that will last for one week (a few washes).

I bought the pink one last summer but nver had the courage to use it. When I ran into the brown one though, I was more ready to take the risk.

So there's 2 options to using it, one gives your hair a subtle nuance and one gives more bright effects. You can imagine that the latter case is the one where you apply the dye on dry hair, while the first option requires you to wash your hair in advance.

That's what I did because I don't actually want brown hair (yet) just a color accent.
                 So before:                                                      After:


I can't deny the lighting is different, but actually I can testify, there's a pretty big difference. The dye made my hair a lot more even, warmer and darker :D It also made my hair soft and smells reeeaally nice :)
It does fade quick, even before the first wash (as I don't wash my hair daily but a few times a week), not completely though, but the color becomes a little...weaker~ .
I'm super pleased with the product and I'll definetly purchase it again. Someday I might actually try the darker option aswel :X

Have you ever used QuisQuis'  Devil's Trick or do you know another good temporary hairdye to recommend?

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