zaterdag 9 november 2013

Brown False Lashes

So let's talk lashes..

When it comes to lashes, I'm not an expert, I once found the lashes that worked best for me and bought 3 packs of them, until the day my look was outdated and now I'm not sure what the right look is for me..

So I'm a little oblivious to lash designs, but new colors, of course, cought even my eye~

Especially last summer they started standing out, even though I haven't noticed them on actual people, I saw the brown or light colored lashes in allll the cosmetic stores~

I would say it was mostly these lashes from Eyemazing collaborating with Zipper. So it wasn't gyaru-style that set the trend (if it was a trend at all..) but the...I don't even know what you call it guys (embarrassed -.-::), but the Harajuku-based fashion styles I guess~

These on the right are brown under-lashes. That's kind of the thing, if you do brown lashes you might have a hard time finding matching under-lashes. And special colors Eyemazing is promoting don't come in mascara form either so how do you pull off a full eye-make with this? I do not know.

The Zipper-collab was just that, lashes promoted by the face of Zipper models. But the following EyemazingXAmoyamo seems to be founded on the principle of producing lashes in new and stylish colors.

Ayamo's produce

Amo's produce

Except for Eyemazing, Diamond Lash has also produced a line of brown lashes, but to me they really just look extremely natural.

They look super beautiful, but maybe not because of the lashes they're promoting :/

There's actually some other dark-brown lashes out there, but they border on black to me anyway, so I didn't include them in this post~

Last month Ageha's lolita model Kirara Yukino displayed a brown based make-up look. The eyeliner and lashes are all brown, it gives off a soft feel but to be honest first I thought it was a flaw in the printing..

The picture on the right shows half brown, half black make-up. The part on the right is her summer look with black eyeliner and lashes, on the left is the all brown look for fall. It's not very big and in the picture it's hard to see but I imagine you kind of see that it looks a lot softer, a bit less doll like in my opinion though..

When I ordered some natural looking lashes from E-bay I actually ordered some brown ones too..because I want to challenge the look, even though I have no clue how to even start...Do I have to use brown eyeliner with it..or not? Where do I get brown mascara in Japan?

Do you have experience with brown lashes or are you curious like me? How do you feel about it? Too natural, or cute? Any thoughts?

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