woensdag 27 november 2013

QuisQuis Devil's Trick: Temporary hairdye.

Wow so.. that was a bit of a break... I wish I could say life happened but it wasn't life, they were midterms and it looks like the midterms are marching me right into the end of term so I'm going to be a little busy but :( I had some cool topics I still wanted to blog about.
I actually put a lot of effort into a brown lashes make-up look but when I went to see kouyou with my friends and I ran out of camera space I sacrificed those shots ;~;
I'll do it again sometime~

Instead I wanted to make a short review about this temporary hairdye:

It's a dye/hair treatment that will last for one week (a few washes).

I bought the pink one last summer but nver had the courage to use it. When I ran into the brown one though, I was more ready to take the risk.

So there's 2 options to using it, one gives your hair a subtle nuance and one gives more bright effects. You can imagine that the latter case is the one where you apply the dye on dry hair, while the first option requires you to wash your hair in advance.

That's what I did because I don't actually want brown hair (yet) just a color accent.
                 So before:                                                      After:


I can't deny the lighting is different, but actually I can testify, there's a pretty big difference. The dye made my hair a lot more even, warmer and darker :D It also made my hair soft and smells reeeaally nice :)
It does fade quick, even before the first wash (as I don't wash my hair daily but a few times a week), not completely though, but the color becomes a little...weaker~ .
I'm super pleased with the product and I'll definetly purchase it again. Someday I might actually try the darker option aswel :X

Have you ever used QuisQuis'  Devil's Trick or do you know another good temporary hairdye to recommend?

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Brown False Lashes

So let's talk lashes..

When it comes to lashes, I'm not an expert, I once found the lashes that worked best for me and bought 3 packs of them, until the day my look was outdated and now I'm not sure what the right look is for me..

So I'm a little oblivious to lash designs, but new colors, of course, cought even my eye~

Especially last summer they started standing out, even though I haven't noticed them on actual people, I saw the brown or light colored lashes in allll the cosmetic stores~

I would say it was mostly these lashes from Eyemazing collaborating with Zipper. So it wasn't gyaru-style that set the trend (if it was a trend at all..) but the...I don't even know what you call it guys (embarrassed -.-::), but the Harajuku-based fashion styles I guess~

These on the right are brown under-lashes. That's kind of the thing, if you do brown lashes you might have a hard time finding matching under-lashes. And special colors Eyemazing is promoting don't come in mascara form either so how do you pull off a full eye-make with this? I do not know.

The Zipper-collab was just that, lashes promoted by the face of Zipper models. But the following EyemazingXAmoyamo seems to be founded on the principle of producing lashes in new and stylish colors.

Ayamo's produce

Amo's produce

Except for Eyemazing, Diamond Lash has also produced a line of brown lashes, but to me they really just look extremely natural.

They look super beautiful, but maybe not because of the lashes they're promoting :/

There's actually some other dark-brown lashes out there, but they border on black to me anyway, so I didn't include them in this post~

Last month Ageha's lolita model Kirara Yukino displayed a brown based make-up look. The eyeliner and lashes are all brown, it gives off a soft feel but to be honest first I thought it was a flaw in the printing..

The picture on the right shows half brown, half black make-up. The part on the right is her summer look with black eyeliner and lashes, on the left is the all brown look for fall. It's not very big and in the picture it's hard to see but I imagine you kind of see that it looks a lot softer, a bit less doll like in my opinion though..

When I ordered some natural looking lashes from E-bay I actually ordered some brown ones too..because I want to challenge the look, even though I have no clue how to even start...Do I have to use brown eyeliner with it..or not? Where do I get brown mascara in Japan?

Do you have experience with brown lashes or are you curious like me? How do you feel about it? Too natural, or cute? Any thoughts?

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Shizuka Mutou to graduate from Koakuma Ageha TT^TT (translation of the interview)

So I was so determined not to buy Ageha this month because I always spend too much money on magazines, especially now they come with gifts I'm not even interested in but are included in the price :/

But after school today I found a copy of Ageha you can actually look into (usually when they have gifts the magazines are somehow sealed off), and this interview with Shizuka Mutou was on the first page! She's one of my favourite models, always has been... And you understand it kills me to see her go TT~TT

I think even now she's one of the most popular models in the magazine, but she's decided to go. Which is brave.

I could make a whole post about her history with the magazine and why I liked her so much, and I might do it if there's interest in it. But actually I was still working on such a post regarding Ayurina's graduation last month... But because I was so surprised, today the first thing I did when I got home was translate this interview so if you're interested please read it ^^ There might be some weird points so if you want me to explain just message me. This is the first time I've really done something like this so it's far from perfect.

It was this 2 page spread with Shizuka looking classy :) in Koakuma Ageha, December issue, 2013.


"Deep makeup and flashy hair, that's the Me that came choosing only the things she liked,
but that all lead to the Me of the present."

"In order to depart to the future from here, where I spent the bloom of my life, I decided to say Goodbye, to the Shizuka Mutou from Koakuma Ageha."

These are the shocking final statements from Shizuka Mutou who has been a gyaru model for several magazines over 10 years. And the contents are?!

Q: I imagine there are also many readers that are surprised that Shizuka Mutou is graduating. So first please tell us why you decided to graduate?

Shizuka: Isn't it unlike myself, to start talking seariously? (laugh) Well honestly, graduating is not something I suddenly decided this time, I thought about it quite a lot in advance. It's the first time I stayed with one magazine for this long, and from the members that have been there from the begining, I was the only one left so I started thinking it might be about time.

Q. So, was the decision to resign, a matter of the term (you have been with the magazine).

Shizuka: No it wasn't a matter of the term, Ageha was an important place where I belonged. The shooting was fun and it felt like we were just playing. It might not be the same for the current reader models, but if there's a gyaru-esque feeling inside me, it's that feeling. So it's not like I'm resigning within a certain term. But for me, now there are also very important things outside Ageha.

Q. That's the apparell brand Rady, that Shizuka is designing, right?

Shizuka: Right. I already talked about it a lot on the pages of this magazine, but it started from thinking " wouldn't it be good if there was this kind of roomwear".
I design most of Rady's clothes, and I design without discriminating only for the things I think I would really like to have. That's why it's an important thing. To be honest, now the feeling that I want to concentrate on designing Rady has become stronger. That's the number 1 reason I decded to graduate from Ageha.

Q. So in other words, I'm wondering whether on one side it's become harder to combine Ageha and Rady?

Shizuka: I'm not saying they can't be combined. I want to say I can totally cope... It might be weird what I'm saying but, in recent years Rady has become incredibly big. And there have been many enthousiastic customers, the numbers of girls that are wearing Rady have dramaticly increased. I'm incredibly happy that the clothes I'm designing are being received like this, but since we've opened the real life shops, the time I can put into Rady, has fallen a little short. If I'm busy with shooting, the producing of the clothes stops, and then the shops become completely empty. Because the customers buy Rady with their precious money, it's my duty now as a designer to put a lot of time into designing Rady, when I didn't do that I felt rude, and my heart hurt.. I was shooting for Ageha while thinking that I quickly had to design new clothes..To be honest I constantly felt uneasy.

Q. For Shizuka that tries to seriously deal with both jobs, that must have been very frustrating.

Shizuka: Maybe yes. No matter how much it didn't feel like work, going to Ageha's shoots in a negligent state would nevertheless feel rude to the readers, so I was earnest doing Ageha's shoots. Even so, thinking only about the shoots for Ageha and not being able to offer nice things to my customers, that would also be rude. I did it all with the proper attitide, but honestly that's what I was feeling. (Laughs). I like my own character and I don't want to show such an earnest point (in my personality), so I made this choice with the objecive of finding out what it is that is I should do.

Q. We understand the reason Shizuka decided to graduate. But to leave Ageha you've been part of so long just for that, honestly isn't that a bit harsh?

Shizuka: Honestly, I don't realize it at all yet. I'll probably feel lonely for the first time when the things I always did every month have gone. Like "Now I can't do a mori-mori like head anymore~" or something. (Laughs).
But you know, as I've been with Ageha longer than anyone, I also have the realization I've made it to the end, and the sense of accomplishment that I've done a good job. When I think about that, again I think " Maybe now is the right time?".

Q. About making it to the end, can you feel that it was good that you were with Ageha?

Shizuka: Yes of course. In the begininning my first encounter with Ageha was just when I was leaving a different magazine, I was told by the chief editor from that time that "The present Shizuka has the eyes of a dead fish so leave", I went "Huh?!" and left. (Laughs). At that time the genre Ageha-esque was not something that I had to put force into, it was something I did because I loved it.
I didn't start using thick make-up and doing mori when it all came out, I had always loved real glitzy gyaru. So even though I was an Ageha model, from the first time we came out I never had to put a lot of force. It was like, normal to me. To me, the fact that from the time Ageha was published we've built up an era called the Agejo-boom, or rather, being involved in the establishment of the genre Agejo, that was amazingly great. Being on tv as a mori-mori Agejo and stuff, it's been a great experience.

Q. Oh I see. On the other hand, have there also been hardships, or things you really hated?

Shizuka: Hmmm, basicly, I had the feeling that "I came to the shoot because it's fun.", if I wouldn't have liked it, I wouldn't have gone. But I have been frustrated with being made into a subject. Now Ageha is recognized by society, but at the time we first came out, there was no genre with such kind of makeup and mori-hair right? So I was made fun of by my friends who were models for other magazines.

Q. You thought like that right?

Shizuka: On top of that in the early days among the Ageha models there was also a lot of rivalry. I think it's because of that feeling that I work so hard as a model aswel as a designer. A sense of rivalry like, I was told by the other models at that time that "Only one can survive in Ageha"...So I thought " I don't want to lose!".  I also feel like it was living in this war called  "I will make the biggest brand, and I will be the last one standing!!", that I created the me of the present. If I think about it now, I'm grateful.

Q. Is there something you can say, because you're leaving Ageha now?

Shizuka: I think it's that I don't want them to lose that sense of rivalry and glitzyness. Being glitzy is what Ageha is I think. And it's always better if there's some competition, in life ♥

Q. Even though you're graduating from Ageha, are you planning to continue modeling?

Shizuka: I don't have such a plan right now. But I'm modelling for Rady. And originally I didn't start modeling saying " I want to become a model!" I started from the point that "I only came because I was called ♥" and I made it up to here. And like I said before, I have the realization that I made it to the end with Ageha, so I don't have any lingering feelings for the modeling business.

Q. Cool! But you've been a model for many years, and usually they seem to want to continue doing it.

Shizuka: But, originally I'm just a normal Gyaru ♥ (confusing part coming:) If you appear in a kuro-gyaru magazine, going to the tanning salon becomes free, going to the beauty parlour becomes free.You can boast like "what's that, it's super hot" but that's only in the beginning (laughs). (end confusing part) If I'm told to do something I don't want to do, I don't do it, I won't come, and I'll resign. It's somehow fun and that's why I'm coming, isn't that a gyaru-esue feeling?

Q. Maybe so. Shizuka always had this gyaru-esque feel.

Shizuka: Yeah, I was just gyaru, originally. If I weren't, I would graduate after finding a transfer magazine, and I'd go there. The old me would promptly back out. But I don't think I would have resigned so beautifully. That's because as gyaru befits, being knocked about in a world of competition, I've become an adult. (Laughs).

Q. Sooo, from now on you won't go by the title of model, but instead you will live as a designer?

Shizuka: I already said it in the beginning but, from now on I want to concentrate on Rady with all my force. Like opening up stores overseas and stuff, I want to live for such an outcome. Not for me personally, but as a brand. That's why I don't have the feeling I want to do any modeling anymore from now on. Up to now I've lived as one gyaru, but once this is sealed off, I want to try to live my brand.

Q. By the way, do you have any dreams as a person, apart from your brand?

Shizuka: No, I've never really had something like a "dream" like that. It's like, if you have time to think of such extravagant dreams, wouldn't it be better to get on the road in that direction? If you work hard for what you've set your sights on, you'll be able to reach it, right?  You might feel like you're able to proceed to the next step. That's why I don't have a mind to talk about what I personally want, or well, there's nothing actually. (Laughs).

Q. It's something like, you'll focus on Rady, work hard on designing, and if you do that you'll be able to see another future, right? As a magazine, we're very proud that our graduate is involved in such lively activities, and we want you to give it your all!

Shizuka: If I say things like this I might look like I'm acting important, but I want to become the success pattern of Ageha and other gyaru-magazine models. Watching the people that were there from the beginning do these things, models that are coming up now will have dreams too. Now that I've graduated, I must work hard not to break all your dreams! But it might be hard (Laughs).

Q. For the last 2 remaining months, you want to live those months so you won't keep any regrets, right?

Shizuka: Yeah I will work with all my might to make it to the end as an Ageha model, and make the readers enjoy. Please witness my life as a model just a bit longer! ♥


So I'm not 100% sure but it seems Shizuka is staying on until the end of the year. If I find out I'm wrong I'll edit.

So I know there's some people, beside me, out there that loved Shizuka's style, from what it was before to what it is now. Always feminine, sexy, but a little more classy too.

She's been an inspiration to me from the start and I think we owe a lot to her.

Any feelings about Shizuka leaving Koakuma Ageha?
Or help with the translation ;) ?
Let me hear you :)

maandag 4 november 2013

Halloween look and some recent, more casual coordinates (with my favourite jacket)

Ahhh, so last week was Halloween. I must say in Holland we don't have a tradition of doing anything with it, but I'd been to Halloween parties before.
Now that I'm in Japan, I got totally excited about it. As soon as temperatures started falling under 30C (well, when they were only just hovering around 30c tbh) in September, Halloween decorations were starting to take over the shops, Halloween themed candies were everwhere, and invitation to Halloween parties started coming to me from different sides. I had never experienced that, people asking eachother "which Halloween party are you going to?" as if it was Newyear's eve and if you're not attending any it's kind of lonely..

So this year I had plenty (a little too much) time to anticipate Halloween. And eventually went to the party organized by the Buddies of my university. Buddies are Japanese students that applied to help out and hang out with international students in different kinds of situations. They're friendly and there are a lot of them, and they organized this party.

So even though I ahad a lot of time to anticipate, my costume was a last-minute headband from Daiso and some half assed "scary" makeup, but to be fair I was quite pleased with my own costume anyway~

This is a make-up detail

My head-accessory was the main point as it looks like bat-wings.

Also that's my pumpkin decoration...I think I'm keeping it there until December, because it's my little friend..

Not too charming full body picture, but worth showing the full-look.

Blouse: Karen Millen
Skirt: GU
Leggings: Customized
Shoes: Jane Norman
Hair accessories: Daiso for the batwings, and roses from all over the place~

Nowww, I really reeeaaally hesitated posting outfit shots here anymore...most of the time I'm very casual or a little..well not so special anyway..But I do put effort in my coordinates every day. And not having a proper way of taking pictures does not make it easier of course..but well..I have a few nice shots I can show so there it goes right?

This is an oldie, from a meet with my friends in early September. I took a Holiday to Holland this summer..because I needed my dentist, and well I admit I needed it a little emotionally too~

Jacket: Spinns
Blouse: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Gift from Josephine, yeeeeaaars ago :D

For my daily stuff I rarely ever do my hair tbh :x it's a hot mess right now and I don't want to kill it more.. So excuse the rather messy hair in the next few pictures~ An outfit I wore when I celebrated my birthday with my friends, this goes with the make-up from this review.

Jacket: Spinns
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Jane Norman
Necklace: Paris Kid's
Bag: Latique (or something like that...?)

This one is pretty recent, last saturday celebrating my friend's birthday with Thai Food! It was so yummy..

Again, not a very charming shot...it's the angle and the light people =.=;; I'm not ugly I swear~

Jacket: You know by now
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: 2nd hand from Spinns
Shorts: GU
Shoes: Attagirl
Necklace: F21 (I wanted this one so bad and now I have it!!)

Anyway I hope to start taking some more charming pictures and showing them here a little more again...because I'm full of good ideas and my closet is full of stuff! Mostly if someone has a good idea for taking full-body self shots..I'm quite lost~