zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Sponsored Review: Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Blue, from

Today I'm reviewing the Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro lenses in blue from

I don't look my best and my room actually looks like someone is living in it..but please cut me some slack 
-_- it's been crazy busy..
And my hair is a hot mess...I honestly don't know how to handle it anymore, I reeeaally don' worries me~

So I got the lenses in from LoveShoppingholics in this cute pack~

 They've always have the cutest boxes and things, and I got a sweet card with it :)

I'll be reviewing the other lenses later this week btw :D
 So these are the lenses I'm reviewing today:

I think these lenses have a very pretty design. I actually thought about getting them a while back, and this time the people from LoveShoppingholics suggested I try them, so that's why I got them this time :)

 So this is how they look on me:
 One in, one out.

 Natural light.

Wait what? XD I don't know what happened here but my flash picture sucks~

 Lately I love slightly more natural looking lenses with 2 tones, but I'm afraid these colors don't really show up as much on my eyes as my own eyes match very well with the blue the green doesn't really show up :(
Making my eyes look a little meek...but they do match my eyes well I feel. I think on dark eyes they might show up a little more~


 As for comfort I would give them an extra star if I could, they're sooo comfortable!!! You don't feel them at all and after wearing them your eyes won't feel dry or anything, it's really nice~

 So this is the verdict:

 I'm pleased with them, it's just that they actually look more grey on my eyes than any other color.. If anyone got a review on them on dark eyes, I'd like to see it :)

So these are Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro blue lenses from


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