donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Sponsored Review: Jitterbug Lens Cleaner from Angel Contacts

Here's the second review, concerning the lens cleaning device called Jitterbug from Angel Contacts.

 The Jitterbug is a little machine with a lens case to attach to it. It cleans the lenses by continuously sending sonic pulses through the lens-case, like shaking off the tiny tiny bits of dirt that might have gotten on your lenses.

The contents of the box were these: The little machine with this rubbery stick thingy on it (because the vibrations make it move so it's handy to attach it somewhere), a lens case with magnetic bottom, and a case to save it in when you're not using it :)

This is the magnetic bottom of the lens case that goes with the Jitterbug. You get your lens case handed along with it, because you can't use just any lens case~

 After you've taken your lenses out and placed them in the lens case, you can attach the case to the Jitterbug. It automaticly sticks to the machine :) Arent the elephants cute by the way? So in love :D

As you can see there's an extended and a rapid program. I did the extended program overnight, meaning every 15 minutes for 6 hours, the Jitterbug would vibrate for a few seconds. 

Obviously I placed it in the kitchen area of my house so that I wouldn't wake up thinking I got a text~ But I suggest you keep it in the bathroom, that seems like the most appropriate place and the thingy will attach easily to the surfaces of a bathroom~

If you don't want to wait all night, you can do the rapid program, that consists of continuous pulses for 16 seconds straight.

This is how my lenses came out in the morning! They look a bit shaken :)
But my lenses felt totally clear and fresh :D

See, clear and fresh xD

I can't really give stars to this product because I have nothing to compare it with but I can sum up why I like it so much:

It's cute looking
It's a lot more convenient than cleaning the lens in the palm of your hand
It's safe! Especially for people that are always in a hurry to do their makeup and stuff
It's easy to use and to store
It's not expensive at all!

So check out the Jitterbug 

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