vrijdag 27 september 2013

Sponsored Review: Geo Nudy Blue Lenses from Angelcontacts.com

This is a sponsored review for
 GEO nudy blue
lenses from
 Angel Contacts

This time I was sponsored by Angel Contacts, to review one pair of lenses and a Jitterbug cleaning device! Let me start off with the lens review, the Jitterbug will follow later :)

Angel Contacts sell certified GEO lenses that meet speficic health regulations in Canada and the US. I could copy paste what it is here:
       "Health Canada certified and  meet US FDA 510(K) regulations."
there it is, for further research if you're interested ;)

Why I think it's important to note that, is because I've recently come across people who are concerned, and young people whose guardians are concerned about the safety of circle lenses.

I think it's a legitimate concern, because your eyes are something to take care of! Carefully check the lens vials when you receive them from your retailer, whether they have been damaged and such, and be aware of the feeling and sight of your eyes as you wear them. Keep your lenses cleaned and don't wear them past the expiration date.

Especially for those concerned, or those who really want to use circle lenses but have parents who are worried about the safety, I think it's definetly worth checking out Angel Contacts because they regard your eyes'  safety, a great priority~

That said, let me just review these lenses, shall I?
The lenses I'm reviewing here are GEO nudy blue lenses.
They came in this cute box:

Here's the lens vials and GEO seal:

This is how the lens looks by itself:

This is one in one out for comparisson:



Sadly no artificial light shot because my house has the worst lighting :/ quite a challenge to take proper pictures in here~

So what's the verdict?

Obviously GEO nudy is a classic design, it's been around ever since I first saw circle lenses. It's not too big and obvious but it's a good filler for people that like to wear more dramatic makeup, while it also goes with natural makeup for those who prefer that~ I wanted nudies because I like Shizuka Takeda looked so cute in them (well I think she's using super-nudy kind of lenses, but just for reference~).

Cute and adorable~ 
And there are numerous models using nudy or nudy-like lenses :)

They're very comfortable, you don't feel them at all, they're not so big so they're easy to insert and wear :) it was very nice~

And I just really have a lot of faith in Angel Contacts guys, I recommend you check them out :)

Next I will review their lens cleaning device called Jitterbug. It's very cute and I'm going to try it out now so please wait for me to share my experience with you soon!

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