maandag 30 september 2013

JugeETTA: Classical art in...The Netherlands?!!

Ok so this needs some explaining~

We've gotten to know JugeETTA as LizLisa's older sister brand. I don't think it's very popular, I've never seen it in a magazine or street snap, and for what I remember of their signature pieces, I've only ever seen one person wearing it, outside of the shopstaff off course..
But last summer when I was in Tokyo and I passed their store, I decided to take a look under the motto "this must be a brand for real ladies", and it was~

Outside of the sale on their summer stuff, there was one rack with the title "Classical Art in the Netherlands". On the rack, the items didn't remind me of my country at all, and at the time there was nothing about the line on their webpage. But now there is, and it looks roughly like this:

I mean yeah I see it, they've taken inspiration from Delftware and other painted pottery, it has a folklore kind of vibe to it, like lots of stuff this year actually~ I quite like it, and I've been thinking about doing a Dutch inspired fashion look too, just for fun :)

Now, my main motivation for this post was the fact the Netherlands were referred to, but JugeETTA, like LizLisa, has picked a country for a theme before. Especially's like they do it every year but they're stuck in a loop between Britain and France~

I wonder what's the next inspiraton for JugeETTA...could be anywhere..

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