woensdag 18 september 2013

Houndstooth *really* making a comeback this time?! :D

Alright so, I never finished the series for this year's summer fashion I was so enthousiastic about myself, "there's always something under everything".. And now it's already basicly autumn..

Even though it's still around 30C here in the afternoon, and I wouldn't call that autumn..I'm already VERY MUCH in love with what is *predicted* and produced, to be this autumn's fashion.

And then today something happened, that left me standing in front of the magazine section with a giant grin across my face..

This wouldn't be the first time I'm calling out the revolution of the houndstooth, which is my favourite print, even though not always as wearable.

But this year we have a lot of black and white coming our way, and a lot of baroque prints, embroideries and applique-like embellishments (I've been waiting for the latter since last year ).
After reading Universal Doll's prediction on Onee gyaru A/W trends, and looking into Vogue and Elle when I was back in Amsterdam for a holiday, I had already taken out my houndstooth Zara jacket that I had gotten for my birthday last year, excited about it ripening right back into style..like opening a vintage wine.

And then today I stopped by the magazine section of my local warehouse, and the first 3 magazines I picked up from the shelf:

Koakuma Ageha 10/13

Edge Style 10/13 

Seventeen 10/13
I'll just let the covers speak for themselves, I think houndstooth will push through this year~ :3
I mean consider, those are just the covers~ Inside Jelly and Blenda the houndstooth was featured too :) and that's just the ones I looked into :3 Happy me~ 

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