maandag 30 september 2013

JugeETTA: Classical art in...The Netherlands?!!

Ok so this needs some explaining~

We've gotten to know JugeETTA as LizLisa's older sister brand. I don't think it's very popular, I've never seen it in a magazine or street snap, and for what I remember of their signature pieces, I've only ever seen one person wearing it, outside of the shopstaff off course..
But last summer when I was in Tokyo and I passed their store, I decided to take a look under the motto "this must be a brand for real ladies", and it was~

Outside of the sale on their summer stuff, there was one rack with the title "Classical Art in the Netherlands". On the rack, the items didn't remind me of my country at all, and at the time there was nothing about the line on their webpage. But now there is, and it looks roughly like this:

I mean yeah I see it, they've taken inspiration from Delftware and other painted pottery, it has a folklore kind of vibe to it, like lots of stuff this year actually~ I quite like it, and I've been thinking about doing a Dutch inspired fashion look too, just for fun :)

Now, my main motivation for this post was the fact the Netherlands were referred to, but JugeETTA, like LizLisa, has picked a country for a theme before. Especially's like they do it every year but they're stuck in a loop between Britain and France~

I wonder what's the next inspiraton for JugeETTA...could be anywhere..

vrijdag 27 september 2013

Sponsored Review: Geo Nudy Blue Lenses from

This is a sponsored review for
 GEO nudy blue
lenses from
 Angel Contacts

This time I was sponsored by Angel Contacts, to review one pair of lenses and a Jitterbug cleaning device! Let me start off with the lens review, the Jitterbug will follow later :)

Angel Contacts sell certified GEO lenses that meet speficic health regulations in Canada and the US. I could copy paste what it is here:
       "Health Canada certified and  meet US FDA 510(K) regulations."
there it is, for further research if you're interested ;)

Why I think it's important to note that, is because I've recently come across people who are concerned, and young people whose guardians are concerned about the safety of circle lenses.

I think it's a legitimate concern, because your eyes are something to take care of! Carefully check the lens vials when you receive them from your retailer, whether they have been damaged and such, and be aware of the feeling and sight of your eyes as you wear them. Keep your lenses cleaned and don't wear them past the expiration date.

Especially for those concerned, or those who really want to use circle lenses but have parents who are worried about the safety, I think it's definetly worth checking out Angel Contacts because they regard your eyes'  safety, a great priority~

That said, let me just review these lenses, shall I?
The lenses I'm reviewing here are GEO nudy blue lenses.
They came in this cute box:

Here's the lens vials and GEO seal:

This is how the lens looks by itself:

This is one in one out for comparisson:



Sadly no artificial light shot because my house has the worst lighting :/ quite a challenge to take proper pictures in here~

So what's the verdict?

Obviously GEO nudy is a classic design, it's been around ever since I first saw circle lenses. It's not too big and obvious but it's a good filler for people that like to wear more dramatic makeup, while it also goes with natural makeup for those who prefer that~ I wanted nudies because I like Shizuka Takeda looked so cute in them (well I think she's using super-nudy kind of lenses, but just for reference~).

Cute and adorable~ 
And there are numerous models using nudy or nudy-like lenses :)

They're very comfortable, you don't feel them at all, they're not so big so they're easy to insert and wear :) it was very nice~

And I just really have a lot of faith in Angel Contacts guys, I recommend you check them out :)

Next I will review their lens cleaning device called Jitterbug. It's very cute and I'm going to try it out now so please wait for me to share my experience with you soon!

maandag 23 september 2013

Flowers for a necklace.

Starting with the detachable collar trend that started 2 years back, up to this year's 90's inspired chokers, the necklace trends tend to be cut close to the neck.

This year too, somehow the shorter necklaces are particularly eyecatching~ With chunky parts, used as links rather than hanging pendants~
I'm sure they've always been around, it's just that this year..they seem to have become indispensable...
The last few seasons we've seen the rise of the chunky chain necklace and Universal Doll predicted the big stone choker (you can see she has pretty much become my handbook ♥).
If you have any short necklaces sitting around, dust them off for this season~

I've seen a lot of them using flowers, which is something I've really fallen in love with~~ I think it's classy and romantic, and I think it serves a variety of styles~

In summer I started noticing it on the daisy necklaces~ Those Marc Jacob-like daisies were everywhere and there were necklaces like these:

One-spo's daisy necklace.

And these slightly more romantic ones with beautiful roses:

Lip Service

More abstract flower shapes:
Cecil McBee

These are more daisy like again, from Be Radience

I think especially the black ones are super classy for this season~ And the up-side of this is, they seem to be everywhere, especially Forever21 has proven to be quite a goldmine for floral necklaces~

Omg this last one has got my heart, the black flowers with gold details and rhinestones...I want thisss TT^TT

Sadly all I could find online for H&M online was this one:
Remotely floral, but maybe there's more in-store right now, I don't know that u_u.

I think these statement floral necklaces are suuuper romantic and a lot more versatile than they seem. I look forward to getting my hands on one!!

How do you feel about them? Would they fit in with your style or are they too much, or maybe too kitsch-y for your taste?

woensdag 18 september 2013

Houndstooth *really* making a comeback this time?! :D

Alright so, I never finished the series for this year's summer fashion I was so enthousiastic about myself, "there's always something under everything".. And now it's already basicly autumn..

Even though it's still around 30C here in the afternoon, and I wouldn't call that autumn..I'm already VERY MUCH in love with what is *predicted* and produced, to be this autumn's fashion.

And then today something happened, that left me standing in front of the magazine section with a giant grin across my face..

This wouldn't be the first time I'm calling out the revolution of the houndstooth, which is my favourite print, even though not always as wearable.

But this year we have a lot of black and white coming our way, and a lot of baroque prints, embroideries and applique-like embellishments (I've been waiting for the latter since last year ).
After reading Universal Doll's prediction on Onee gyaru A/W trends, and looking into Vogue and Elle when I was back in Amsterdam for a holiday, I had already taken out my houndstooth Zara jacket that I had gotten for my birthday last year, excited about it ripening right back into opening a vintage wine.

And then today I stopped by the magazine section of my local warehouse, and the first 3 magazines I picked up from the shelf:

Koakuma Ageha 10/13

Edge Style 10/13 

Seventeen 10/13
I'll just let the covers speak for themselves, I think houndstooth will push through this year~ :3
I mean consider, those are just the covers~ Inside Jelly and Blenda the houndstooth was featured too :) and that's just the ones I looked into :3 Happy me~