donderdag 8 augustus 2013

There's always something under everything. Pt. 3

Sorry for the long wait, I had exams, and life, and then I had the blogger app erase my concept...but now I'm here to tell you about my new favourite thing under everything :) it's socks.

Now, socks in open shoes should be considered the worst fashion crime, or should it?
Let me tell you the story of how I came to love socks in pumps and strappy heels..

One spring day in my university I saw them, a nude pair of lace socks under black strappy wedges..not on the feet of a Japanese lady, nono, that may be expected of them to do... Instead I saw them on the feet of a fellow foreign student.. She pulled it off so elegantly, that little bit of cute was love at first sight.

Since then I observed many girls in my school wear the lacy socks under their pumps, sandals and Mary-Janes.. Usually the socks are nude colored, or in the color of the shoes, but sometimes they chose a cute pastel, or even a brighter color as a point to boost up their footwear :D 

What are the benefits of these socks?

1. No more painful spots where the shoe rubs, on the heel or toe or where the strap of the shoe sits.
2. No more dirty feet from dust that your feet catch as you walk in sandals.
3. No more problem missing socks when you go shoe shopping or go into a house or restaurant where you are required to take your shoes off.
4. No more worries about your toes :)
5. Extra cute detail in the foot area :D

Since I couldn't find pictures of this way of wearing socks, please behold my weird feet (once again). 

Even though I might not recommend wearing them to the Oscars, in my opinion these socks look elegant and cute, and a little more modest than a set of toes poking out..noone likes their toes..well not noone but many people feel weird about them.

So far my attempt to give these socks a little bit better name, but I know it might be a little hard to accept..

So give me your thoughts on this :) are socks in sandals still the worst fashion crime? Or could you see yourself wearing these?

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