vrijdag 5 juli 2013

There's always something under everything. Pt 2.

So the thing I spot the most, always being worn under other things, is tops. I really disliked this at first because it's extremely un-sexy and sometimes it really ruines the line of the garment, and sometimes it still does..but I find the shirt/tank-under-top thingy a lot more acceptable recently, and I think it's being excecuted better. The undertops are more suitable with the top or dress over it, and the over top/ dresses have a neckline that goes well with an undertop.

A trend that has been doing well since..I guess last year, is the trend where tops and dresses incorporate a transparent or lace section in their design. It's hard to explain but some examples of what I mean:
(Pictures from Ank Rouge, Pinky Girls, Royal Party, Mercury Duo and Miia. In no specific followorder because the pictures scramble every time I try to complete the post :/)

Now that we've gotten used to this, I guess recreating a similar effect by layering tops isn't as hard to imagine anymore, right? This is a set of dress and under-top promoted by Spiral Girl:

But I think it can be done cuter with a lace top or something, but it's been a real pain finding examples.. I hope I can give you an example myself sometime soon~

I've really come to like it though, because it enables me to buy things that I considered a little too revealing, or of which I didn't particularly like the top as it was.

Yet, there's some things I still really don't appreciate very much..

How do you call these tops? The kind of..sexy pin-up tops..in the previous pic it wasn't so bad yet but then this:
(Pics from Wego, a really fun and cute shop btw~)

I'm really sorry about it~ but these kind of tops are formed to the torso and, respectfully, to a girl's bust.. I don't like how undertops make it look a little pointless..same goes for these kind of dresses and tops:
(Slightly random example from Ma*rs)
Why I don't like it is because these triangle top dresses anticipate the shape of someone's bust, even if there's very little there, it kind of assumes a slight...valley in the middle Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ yeahhh well you know what I mean, wearing a shirt under it kind of pulls the shape out of the dress and I don't think it's very flattering (well not on the people I've seen it on). To make sure no misunderstandings happen, I've seen this on girls in Japan only so if you happened to have tried to wear a dress like this with an under-top..I haven't seen that, but it might be really cool on you..who knows?

I think in the case of these kind of garments, it might be better to wear something over it when it's too revealing..
Anyway yeah :)

What do you do when a garment you really like is too revealing for your taste or a certain occasion? 
Would you try to layer like this? Wear something over it? Not wear it at all? 
Or is there no such thing as too revealing for you? ;)

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