donderdag 20 juni 2013

To new beginnings..

Hello everybody,

 This is a little awkward but, yeah...hey~

 I don't suppose you've been keeping track but it's been about 8 months since the hiatus..
As you can see I made some changes here, the blog title and layout..It can still do with some cleaning up, I'm just sick and tired of it for now, I'm not good at this stuff so I'll make do with this for now~
So reasonably speaking you could expect me to start posting here a little more again :)

 Making a very long and complicated post about this won't be interesting to everyone, and I'll try to keep it down to the essential bits but I guess it's still a bit long, thanx if you want to read it :)

 8 months ago I felt like I was stuck in a fashion mould, I had to keep answering to the image I thought I had, of the rather costumey, extravagant and cutesy type of gal.
 Whereas in the meantime I was turning 22, went through lots of confusing personal changes, started my master (which is pretty serious business~) and got prepared for moving to Japan.
 I was super busy and I felt a lot of pressure maintaining this blog, based on an image of me that wasn't 100% in balance with my real interests and preferences, and basic way of life anymore.

 It was supposed to be a hiatus but I actually thought about stopping this blog for good, many times in the past 8 months..

 By now, I've been living in Kyoto for 3 months, my environment has changed completely and I feel like I can make a fresh start.
 And having had this 8 month break, I feel I was able to cut the strings that attached me to my old style. I can venture into a new area of style, experiment a little more while holding on to my love of cute things and dolly make-up.
 It's going to be a lot more toned down from where I was before, I've grown up a bit and I'm trying to be a bit more of a lady..hence the new name: Lady Mori. It doesn't make a lot of sense but neither did the previous name~
 And the blog address remains the same anyway so it shouldn't really matter~

 Lady Mori doesn't refer to a lady named Mori, neither does it mean a serving (盛り) or forest(森) of ladies (that would be scary), but rather how to "mori" in a ladylike manner.

 So how to do that is what I'm trying to find out. And as I'm on the road figuring that out, I hope to slowly start posting blogs again..let's just see where it goes..
 I'm excited to carefully wade back into the waters of gyaru blogging, but I'm taking my time and I'm not going to let it take over my sense of selfhood, like it kind of did before.

 Thank you for reading down to here if you did :) to make it a little more interesting I'll add this picture of the view from my house~

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