zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Sponsored review: Royal Vision Bella 4-tone Brown, from

Heyy, all :) So I'm here for a sponsored review, but I intend to post a little life update here soon because in about a month, I'll actually be moving house to Kyoto :)Bare with me now and expect that later~ The lenses are Royal Vision, Bella 4-tone in Brown* They were sponsored by :) Thank you! *these lenses are 6 month disposable These were the contents of the enveloppe that came to me about 2 or 2.5 week after they had been sent. It was a marked letter so I signed, it came to me safely :) I was happy~ These are the lenses in the package. I've never had lenses supplied in this kind of container, but I think it's cute :) I was having fun with it~ I much prefer opening these kind of containers than the little pots that make you break your nails on the caps..So, thank you Royal Vision~ Now let's move on to how they look :) One in: Indoor,room light: Flash: Natural light: I really like how these lenses show up on my eyes :) They come very close to what I want for them, and that's great, considering I have blue eyes and what I would want to make my eyes look like..can't really be achieved with these eyes I'm afraid :/ The lenses are relatively transparent, so much of your eyecolor will show up. Nonetheless I do think they succeed in making my eyes look brown, rather than showing up dark and colorless in comparisson to my own eyecolor that shows up in the inner ring~ I'm very curious what blue or grey could do for me..They're also much more natural than what I used to do, they don't have dark rings but this effect pleases me a lot :) For me right now, this is a great push in the back of being less of a lazy face~
My mom in the background is looking very interesting today (don't blame her, it's -3 with killer wind out there~) They are comfortable in wear too, even though putting them in is a little hard because they're thin and tend to flip over and form a cup over the tip of your finger..But once they're in they're really really comfortable :D As you can see I'm very enthousiastic about these :) And I might want to explore more colors~ Appearance ★★★★★ Comfort ★★★★★ Service ★★★★★ When you're shopping at You can use coupon code Agejoperfect at checkout for a surprise gift :)

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