maandag 17 september 2012

Announcing a Hiatus

Guys, I'm not going to try to make it look any different than it is: I'm not posting to this blog recently, even though I have plenty of material to post.
I can tell you all kinds of reasons why, and I will, but to just get to the point first I will write the reasons (or excuses ;P) in the end of the post.

Primarily, I'm suspending my activities on this blog for an undetermined period of time.

I might post stuff when it's information about events I want to invite you to, reviews that I'm still oblidged to do, or when I simply feel like it.

The most dominant reason for me to officially announce this hiatus, is because I got started in a master programme and this deserves my undivided time and attention.
Writing a blogpost, no matter how basic, easily takes an hour of my time, and this doesn't include the time I spend getting dressed up and taking pictures.

I'm NOT stopping gyaru style, and I'm not withdrawing from the community. You might still see my photos or activities elsewhere, I'm just not going to actively blog here for a couple months. The same goes for my Tumblr, I'm not visiting Tumblr at all for a while~

For contact, I would like to refer to:
the blog's email adress
My formspring

All kinds of questions are welcome if you have any~ Or anything else you'd like to tell me~
I would like to stress that nothing bad is going on, I'm just busy and my priorities have changed.

Thank you for being my blog followers (I really appreciate you guys, some of you have really inspired me and motivated me over time, and I'm going to miss that..). I'm sorry if I'm letting you down, but I'm convinced I need to shift my attention to my school now, and I hope I can come back in a while, and make this blog a lively place again~

maandag 3 september 2012

Days we spent with Rox' friends :)

Hey guys~
Ok sorry, I've been reaaaally lazy because I quit writing reports while I was in Japan, but even though I've been back for over a week, I haven't even given you a sign of life..
So yeah, I'm alive~!
I'm going to tell you about the days we spent with Rox' friend (and her friend's friend) that came to Japan too. Rox' friend was someone she met during her internship at Iris van Herpen.

I'm not being completely chronological here but it's for the best this way~ I also have to kickstart my writing style a little~ But I will~~

The first time we went to meet Rox' friends, we went for nomihoudai with the four of us (that's all you can drink). I'm not actually much of a drinker at all, but in Japan the drinks kind of lure me in every time~

This is what we were wearing that day, to meet the girls:

But before we went to meet them, Rox and I spotted this guy with epic hair:

Later, during the nomihoudai, we walked into a group of guys and he was one of them. We figured they might have been some kind of VK band, maybe one that was just starting out, as we saw them doing a little conference kind of thing in Shinjuku later~

After nomihoudai Rox and I ended up buying this cap:


We met up with them again later that week, for fireworks!
Rox and I decided to wear our yukata, but, and this didn't come unexpected, wearing yukata in Japan feels a little awkward~
Even though the people we knew personally were all super positive and sweet about it, you just get stared at. And on the one hand I understand this, but on the other hand, I really don't..
Eitherways, this is how I looked:

The fireworks were part of an event that as related to music event A-Nation (which I don't know too much about, but there were lots of performances in private stadiums). The event took place in Yoyogi park~
It was suuuuuper crowded at the park, and all the food stalls had terribly long lines in front of them, so bless Rox for bringing this fried rice ♥
We ended up splitting the rice with the four of us on a parkinglot.

Rox' cooking is really great, so even though this was a simple was deliiiicious~~

And the fireworks (pics came out a little weird here, but check Rox' blog for when she updates on this, she's got beautifull pictures of it~):

Our friends had to leave the next day, so we couldn't meet up again but I was really happy to meet them and we had loooots of fun~

Thank you for your patience and please keep me motivated to shoot out these posts~ I want to be done by the time of my birhday (the 22nd, yes the 22nd of this month but also, my 22nd birthday~!) so please help me stay on track!!