donderdag 23 februari 2012


Just a short post with a recent outfit, still working with the cold out but March is coming, I'm really waiting for spring now..

Coat: NewYorker
Dress: Yumi
Shawl: H&M
Boots: CafeModa

I'm sure you're getting tired of that coat and those boots by fact the whole color scheme is something I've been repeating all winter but I'm afraid that's not something that's going to stop ^^;; I've grown fond of these colors..
I can't wait till I'm a little less busy and the weather gets nicer because now it feels like I'm not acomplishing anything at any point of life~~

maandag 20 februari 2012

Outfits and shoppings

Sorry for the long absence. I've got a bit of a casual post today, to show I'm still alive a bit and I hope to be posting slightly more frequent from now but we'll see where that goes.

First I'll share 2 looks I used battling the snow from 2 weeks back:

Yes, snow!

It was really really cold back then but right now it's not so bad, around +5C during the day~

I've also got most of my gets since 2012 started accumulated here:

Dress and skirt with pink waistband: H&M
Jeans, leather-look shorts and striped blouse: Only
I've got wild plans with some of that stuff :D but maybe I'll wait for spring a bit, it really is cold right now :/

Please look forward to a slightly more exciting (though not much) outfit I intend to post later this week :)

zondag 12 februari 2012

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2012: Nominations

Oh my, I really haven't updated for a while :O I've been a bad girl U_U
The truth is: right now, my studies are the most important thing to me and this being the last semester of my bachelor, we're reaching a rather crucial point for that matter. I hope you'll excuse my unregulated posting for now.

Now for some better news! Even though I was already planning a post today, I was suddenly made aware of the fact that I was nominated in Lhouraii Li's Gaijin Gyaru Awards!!!

For all those of you who haven't seen the nominations video yet, it's here:

First of all I'm very proud to be nominated in no less than 3 categories personally and 2 more through the nomination of HYPER (which, honestly, makes me even happyer)
I really wanna call you all out to vote HYPER!! It'd be such a great motivation to our members to win and we're all trying so hard~~

I really have to thank all of you that have nominated me!!! I'm really happy to be nominated!!!
And it's great to see some of the people I nominated come back in the final list! First of all my baby: Rox ♥ Even though in the category best use of hair accessories we have to compete. I won this specific award last year and it was a great surprise, so if you haven't voted yet, I hope you'll give Rox your vote!!!
Same goes for the categories best hairstyles and overall makeup!! I'd love to see my other half win ♥

In the category biggest hair I'm beside Pin and Sui, who both really deserve to win!
And in the category sweetest gyaru...OMG I never expected to be there and I want to thank you all so much for thinking well of me ^-^

I'm excited to see the winners! and it's lovely to see so many new faces this year~~
It's inspiring to see all those lovely gals in one video XD

For voting, go here!