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Sponsored Review: Princess Toenails by

Hey guys,
WOW it's been a while. Today I'm posting this review because I really owe KKcenterHK.
They haven't reprimanded me as of yet, even though I've had their sponsored item sitting around my house for months without here it is

But there is an upside to this review being made now.
It's right before the holiday season. We want to present our friends and lovers with cute and original gifts (right?). And parties for Christmas and Newyear's are great excuses for wearing coctaildresses, and open shoes like mules and open-toed pumps. In fact you might say these occasions are the only justification for us wearing open shoes in winter~!

December takes a lot of attention to personal grooming, we want to look pretty from head to toe. And today, the latter is what it's all about~ Our toes..eek~!

These are false nails. But they're not just false nails, they're false nails that go on your toes~! I got them sponsored from KKcenterHK and this is the model I chose.

"Why on earth would I want to attract attention to my funny feet/toes by wearing sparkly decorated toenails?" you may ask..

Most people don't like the way their feet look, and let's face it, noone has normal feet to begin with~ But there will be occasions you want your feet to look elegant or cute. And on those occasions, a false toenail might actually help make your feet look clean and normal, as it will cover up the funny unevenness of your nails. Making all your toes look more....homogeneous ;P

One set of nails comes with 12 nails, and the sizes vary greatly. So I think you'll be able to find a nail that fits even the most tiny of your nails! It also comes with pink glue to attach them. I didn't use the glue making the review, I used double-sided tape so I could easily take them off again and reuse them when it's actually Christmas :) (So excuse the very sad and bare foot in the background of the other picture)

These nails give a sweet look to different kinds of shoes. If you like the very elaborate and decorative Hime style, you can match your nails with your frilly shoes, and you could try to find similar fingernails too. In the case of the nails I've been sponsored, nails like these would match well.
But you could also use them to add a cute detail to a more mature and sexy look, it might work to use nails that contrast the color of your shoes then.

In fact, I didn't know this, but KKcenterHK, though known for their cosmetics, actually retails shoes! If you want to give your feet some love this season, Check them out here.
I like these as they go with the metalic trend that's going on this year, and because of the neutral silver, it goes with lots of colors~

Please check out, for items concerning personal grooming for the season, or cute little gifts, with prices that will work well even for your highschool giftswap~
I was very pleased about the rapid delivery (item arrived within one week!), but delivery might be a little slow in this season, so it would be worth inquiring the estimated delivery time in case you need the item by a certain date.
And for 10% discount, please use coupon code: agejoperfect.

I think I might slowly start posting again during the holidays, just to round up the year. Thank you for sticking with me and reading this entry :)

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