maandag 17 september 2012

Announcing a Hiatus

Guys, I'm not going to try to make it look any different than it is: I'm not posting to this blog recently, even though I have plenty of material to post.
I can tell you all kinds of reasons why, and I will, but to just get to the point first I will write the reasons (or excuses ;P) in the end of the post.

Primarily, I'm suspending my activities on this blog for an undetermined period of time.

I might post stuff when it's information about events I want to invite you to, reviews that I'm still oblidged to do, or when I simply feel like it.

The most dominant reason for me to officially announce this hiatus, is because I got started in a master programme and this deserves my undivided time and attention.
Writing a blogpost, no matter how basic, easily takes an hour of my time, and this doesn't include the time I spend getting dressed up and taking pictures.

I'm NOT stopping gyaru style, and I'm not withdrawing from the community. You might still see my photos or activities elsewhere, I'm just not going to actively blog here for a couple months. The same goes for my Tumblr, I'm not visiting Tumblr at all for a while~

For contact, I would like to refer to:
the blog's email adress
My formspring

All kinds of questions are welcome if you have any~ Or anything else you'd like to tell me~
I would like to stress that nothing bad is going on, I'm just busy and my priorities have changed.

Thank you for being my blog followers (I really appreciate you guys, some of you have really inspired me and motivated me over time, and I'm going to miss that..). I'm sorry if I'm letting you down, but I'm convinced I need to shift my attention to my school now, and I hope I can come back in a while, and make this blog a lively place again~

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