woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Shinjuku, Shibuya, stalking and recent purchases~

So I took a little longer to get back to updating, but I'm doing it now!

After we got lost in Shin-okubo, we decided to get on the subway to Shinjuku instead of walking. It was nice to be in the cool subway and to..not walk~

Before I move on I wanna share this picture of Rox and an old man with twin hats:

When we were in Shinjuku station we were a little lost but at some point we spotted a girl that looked really farmiliar and after staring at her a little we realized it was Okarie. She was with a guy that mut have been her BF.. We decided to follow them because wherever they were going but be the place the action is at in Shinjuku (this wa true) we did feel a bit like stalkers but thenagain...we are u_u

Now that we followed them we got near Shinjuku Alta, where we eventually made some purchases! First we walked into Fernopaa, you might remember Rox making a blogpost about them. The shopstaff there were so sweet, they came to talk to us and they were really surprised we liked their stuff (we looked very sweet that day so I can imagine they couldn't imagine). Rox got a cute brooch and I got one of those shoulder thingies, I really needed that so it was a good purchase~
This is Rox with Amihamu from Fernopaa:

We actually saw Ageha's Kana (former Betty model) in Fernopaa too, she's so pretty Q_Q

A little later we stepped into Glavil, where they had a dress that I saw in Egg before and that I reaaaally wanted :D I'm excited about coodinating it~ I'm not 100% sure yet but I think I totally lost my chance buying the perfect hat to go with it :( Monday I saw a hat that I thought was cute in Harajuku but I didn't buy it and now I regret u_u well..I might find it again later~
Anyway Glavil Shopstaff and me:

We ended up in Kabukicho when, ironically, I couldn't get money from the ATM XD
So we went home to get some well deserved rest

The next day we went to Shibuya to hang out and later meet up with Emilie. In Shibuya we had some more stalking to do when we spotted ageha's Guri/Gura in 109~

I think in the future, when we see someone we know from a magazine, I want to pick up all my courage to ask for a picture because this feels a little awkward~

We're definetly coming back to Shibuya later, but that day we just checked the area and we were a little tired so no purchases or special pictures. We did have a really cool night with Emilie :D I hope to repeat that sometime soon~

Now for some purchases, up to that moment:
Cute Yukata ♥

Fernopaa pin


Glavil babydoll ♥ I'm so happy I got this~~

small items

Silly purikura because no post is complete without it:

The next update will be about Harajuku and the Meiji shrine~! I hope to have it up soon :)

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