dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Korea-town: Shin-okubo

I promised I'd go to Shin-okubo right? Well I did and I'm going to tell you a bit about it. If you're into K-pop or Korean cosmetics, I'd say you might want to check it out.
I'm taking a break from my logical schedule of posting but I'll soon get back on track XD I just like to make these kind of reports more :)

Well, alright, so. When we came out of the Shin-okubo station we got handed a map by one of those people that hand you things. We found a better map later but this map basicly indicates the main streets.

What you'll find on those main streets is basicly cute Korean cosmetics shops, idol shops that sell all kind of items with the faces of your favourite Korean idols on it and Korean restaurants that sometimes advertise with the fact that this or that Korean idol ate there before. There's also a k-pop cafe, maybe there's more k-pop cafe's but I only saw one and I didn't take a picture ;~;

The cosmetics shops are really cute but I'm not sure about how superior Korean cosmetics are to Japanese cosmetics and taking into considderation Korean cosmetics are imported here, Japanese ones are cheaper at the end of the day~ Nevertheless the cosmetics shops are suuuuuuper cute~

Can someone tell me who or what Jang Keun Suk is? He had a shop with his picture all over the walls *_*

Prince idol shop

Princess cosmetics shop~

Is it just me or is this a big picture of Seungri on a window? O_O

I wish I could say more about those idol shops. You'll have seen them all over Japan, usually selling stuff like posters, fans, mugs or pillows with members of Arashi, Kat-tun, News or whatever boy group, and in this case it's all stuff with Korean idols on them. I must say these shops freak me out a little. They don't always sell CD's or other stuff that refers even slightly to these people's actual occupation, which is singing, so it makes you feel kind of voyeurist..all you so is consume their looks and it made me feel awkward so in the end I couldn't step into those shops D:
I've grown to like K-pop but maybe not in this way.

Now there's some more funny services in the area. I told you last time about the man feeding us icecream right? well more shops use handsome and likely Korean men to pull customers, so from time to time you'll be ambushed by tall handsome guys trying to hand you a flyer. There even seems to be some kind of beauty/relax/hand massage center that mainly employs goodlooking Korean men (they are also the sponsors of the map I posted at the top~). And the other day in a funny bookshop near our accomodation, I found a magazine that gathered street snaps of Ikemen from Shin-okubo. So the promise of tall, handsome, exotic but not that exotic Korean men, seems to sell.

I'm not saying Korean girl-groups don't sell, on the contrary, they're all over the place, but in Shin-okubo the accent was most definitely on boy-bands. I didn't even have the feeling it was all the most popular groups that were promoted there, there were a lot of older or less popular idol groups on display too so it's really more of a place for diehard k-pop fans, and not your everyday Japanese-into-k-pop person.
Nevertheless if you've been into k-pop for a long time, if you love Korean food or you want Korean cosmetics, and you happen to be in Japan (then why didn't you go to Korea?), then please PLEASE visit Shin-okubo~!!!

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