maandag 13 augustus 2012

Gyaru meet 2k12, update

Sorry I haven't made frequent updates this week, I've been having tons of fun though, and well, I want to make a last update on tomorrow's gal meet.

Tomorrow we're going to meet in front of Shibuya 109 at 13:00 (1PM) Rox and I will be easy to recognise as we'll have fans decorated with the text gal meet 2k12~
We'll go shopping in 109 (we have some specific stores in mind but we can go to the stores you like too), then we want to take purikura in an arcade after which we want to visit gal cafe 10sion.
That's as far as the plan goes, after this people that wanna go for dinner can come along but if you're tired or busy you can go home or go to your other errands (of course, you can always leave during the plan, that's fine anyway)

A camera crew will be present to make a report of the meet, but if you're uncomfortable with that we can keep you out of the shots, please negotiate that with us :)

I want to invite anyone that wasn't sure whether they wanted to come, and people that want to come but don't have FB to put their status on attending, this is said event page .

If you want to come but you're insecure, please come! the point is not to be perfect gals out, the point is to experience gal culture together and make new friends!
If you don't want to or you can't let us know through FB, please tell me your name in a comment below so we can out you on the list and wait for you :)

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