zondag 8 juli 2012

Sponsored review: Fynale J14 from Shoppingholics.com

This week I received Fynale Cloud Nine lenses in grey from Shoppingholics to review.

The stuff came really fast and it was wrapped in this cute package :)

The contents were a thank you card, thingies to keep your fringe away from your face while doing makeup, a cute fish lenscase and the lenses in a cute box ♥

These are the lenses by themselves

I chose these lenses because they looked light, natural and a bit more suitable with natural makeup than the lenses I had before.

So let's see how they look~!

One in, one out:

These lenses are pretty natural, the enlargement isn't that much and the color is close to my own but I think it's still an essential difference when wearing gyaru makeup, the eyes feel less empty~

both in, no makeup:

you can see that they would be OK with natural looking makeup too, they don't look to awkward or off center as bigger lenses would

With makeup, natural light:

I never had lenses that match my own eyes this well~ The outer ring is fluffy and gentle but it's still stronger and more dolly than without lenses.


I feel inspired to experiment with my makeup more around these lenses.

And to be honest, because they're less big than most lenses I have, they're super super comfortable~ They're easy to put in and I can wear them all day without getting dry eyes. I thought my lenses were comfortable before but this is really the nicest ever~

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

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