woensdag 18 juli 2012

Recent outfits, DIY results

Before I say anything else, could you all PLEASE check your mail, I've mailed the second winner of the giveaway because the first couldn't reply to me within a week and I'm getting a little nervous about it, I wanted to have this stuff over with so please, check your mail~

Now some casual outfits:

Hat: gift from my mom
top: Primark
coat: ebay (imugirls)
belt: gift from Juu
pants: Primark
shoes: Dior
bag: Jesus Diamante

skirt: Delyle
tights: Primark
shoes: van Haren
bag: Golds Infinity

top: h&m
necklace: action
coat: ebay
pants: Primark
this picture was really to check out my new camera :) it's got a soft skin setting to make the picture all soft and stuff without editing ♥

I got a new wig recently, it looks shiny in the picture because I used flash (because it was so cloudy out) but in reality is pretty alright, but I should find a better way to use this wig because brown hair makes me look a little dull~

top: TKMaxx
pants: market
shoes: gift from my mom

I'm so surprised, I really don't look like myself anymore~~

Some results of DIY projects I did recently:

Galaxy shoes to go with rock inspired coords and..walk comfortably *_*

Gradient shorts and a mint colored sweater (I know it shows white in the picture but it's not XD I dyed it)
and my cat! but I didn't make that one myself :P she stepped into the picture~

I'll start packing today we're leaving in less than a weeeek :D I'm so excited~~~

please don't forget the gal meet in Shibuya on August 14th. Please try to come ♥

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