dinsdag 3 juli 2012

A quick summary of my trip to Cologne

Hey guys :D I just came back from my little weekend in Cologne with my mom.
It was nice, I did some nice shopping and sightseeing and the weather wasn't so bad~

We started shopping in the main areas on saturday but I didn't really buy anything on that day~ We just walked around and had dinner out in a nice square~ On sunday we did a LOT of walking, starting with the dom.

We went in but at first there was a mas I think. When we came back later, we had the chance to see this pixel window~ I like more traditional stained glass but this pixel one is very creative :)

We also went all the way up the tower, but to be honest the pics I took from up there didn't come out so nice, because it was cloudy anyway and I'm not good at taking pictures of things to begin with~

Then we went across town to this park to relax~ I reeeallly liked this park~

After relaxing in the park we walked all the way back to the hotel to hunt our dinner :D

Monday was just shopping. We mainly went to TK Maxx. TK Maxx is a place you either hate or love. But as it is, I hardly ever get to go to one because there are none in Holland, so I love it a lot :D I just love nosing through all the stuff, these miniatures are some cute things I found but didn't buy:

And then these are my purchases from the weekend :) I suppose the black stuff doesn't show up well with this lightling, but too bad~:P I want to post it now and I'll wear it soon so you can see how it works out

Black tunic: Feminine (the details are just invisible XD)
Hoody: Pelle Pelle
Babydoll: NewYorker (this really needs a big ribbon~)
Bones tights: House of Holland.
And a magazine which had an Ayu poster and a Big Bang poster in it :)...and other posters..and articles or whatever but well..I just bought it for the pictures and the posters~

Here's the back of the magazine and the hoody. This is the reason I bought the hoody, the cute golden embroidery ♥
Now it's about time I stop shopping and start wearing all the stuff I bought~

I had such a lovely time with my mom this weekend. And tomorrow I'm gonna visit Rox and hang out ♥ I'm really enjoying my vacation :D

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